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Defending Against Cyber Threats Targeting Higher Ed Research Data

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 13th at 2 pm ET

In this webinar, a roundtable of research university CISOs and cybersecurity experts will provide a practical roadmap for building a resilient defense against these rapidly evolving threats.

[PODCAST] Improve Financial Health through Alternative Revenue Streams

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 24 at 12 pm ET

In this podcast, a higher ed payments expert will discuss some strategies for connecting and streamlining processes to tap into potential alternative revenue sources and improve the financial outlook at any institution.

The University Business Podcast: Why we must generate “good stress” in the classroom

Classroom engagement is still recalibrating since the pandemic, and it will take a group effort to build us back stronger, two leaders at Bryant University's Center for Teaching Excellence propose.

Academic Integrity in the Age of AI: Developing Effective Policies for Higher Ed

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 6th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a strategic consultant and former higher ed leader will discuss the complexities of integrating AI into academic settings, and how to ensure that new policies align with institutional values and minimize threats to academic integrity, while emphasizing fairness, transparency, and safety. 

New Realities in Higher Education and How Leaders are Facing Them

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 30th at 2 pm ET

A President of a 4-year public HBCU institution, Deputy CIO of a private 4-year research institution, and Registrar of a public polytechnic Canadian institution will tackle enrollment cliffs, changing U.S. admission policies, Canadian international student caps, and the rise of AI by discussing approaches to improving student outcomes, increasing market competitiveness, and optimizing your technology investments.   

Motivation Science and Outreach Strategies to Close Enrollment Gaps

Date & Time: Thursday, July 11th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a former professor of educational psychology at the University of Southern California will offer practical science-backed strategies for using digital channels to engage with, enroll, and retain more students for dual enrollment, workforce upskilling, and degree programs.   

The University Business Podcast: Dissecting mistrust in higher education with Lynn Pasquerella

"We must defend the principles that caused us to enter leadership in the first place," the AAC&U president says. "It's not easy, and it might be that you need to resign, but we must defend this."

Practical Strategies to Streamline Campus Construction and Renovation Projects

Date & Time: Thursday, June 13th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, learn some practical strategies to streamline campus construction and renovation projects both in the short- and long-term, so that institutions of any size can become nimbler, more efficient, and more proactive in their approach to these important initiatives.  

The University Business Podcast: Why STEM needs the humanities—and vice versa

Deliberately integrating the humanities into Georgia Tech University's armada of world-class STEM-based academic programs is the future of pedagogy at the R1 Atlanta university—and perhaps for all of higher education, says Richard Utz, interim dean of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, in this installment of the University Business Podcast.

Reimagining “Doing More with Less” in the Business Office

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 18th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a business and management expert, who’s also a university professor, will discuss how to look at “doing more with less” through a new lens, seeing it as an opportunity for innovation in the business office.