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3 ways college students are feeling about online learning in 2022

Students increasingly expect their schools to offer academic support, career counseling and even social activities online, according to the 2022 CIN EdTech Student Survey by the College Innovation Network at Western Governors University.

The pandemic may have ended but the demand for edtech is growing

The higher education technology market is expected to double by 2028 as the demand for tools required for remote instruction continues to increase.

Higher education is losing in the game of digital transformation. Time to get back on track

Students who have grown up immersed in technology expect more than many institutions currently provide.

The metaverse: Are colleges really light years away from reaching it?

Virtual lectures are nice, but becoming far more interactive over the next 5-10 years should be goal for higher ed leaders.

Is competency-based education really the elixir higher ed needs to survive?

Southern New Hampshire University President Paul LeBlanc discusses its merits, saying a shift to outcomes can 'unleash innovation.'

How one innovative president sees the unknown future of higher ed developing

Arizona State University's Michael Crow discusses the future of college degrees, lifelong learning, STEM and new technologies.

The Great Reskilling: Cengage CEO Michael Hansen says higher ed must meet demand

The pandemic opened up huge possibilities for fast, online learning, and employers need that pace and those credentials to continue.

How we taught our faculty to teach online

Touro’s online education team created a comprehensive program to educate educators. It included a series of courses, along with curricular materials.

The 4 big trends edX founder says will shape learning in higher education

Anant Agarwal, MIT professor and now 2U education leader, says it is time for institutions to scale up and deliver online.

How seriously should higher ed take the metaverse?

The tech industry and other corporate heavyweights are taking the metaverse seriously. Should faculty, staff, and administrators in higher education follow suit?

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