Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

At the University of Montana, esports is about more than competition

Grizzly Esports is not simply a place for students to play games. It's about self-discovery, building bridges and finding a welcoming community.

More colleges are doing away with test requirements for good

At least 1,835 U.S. colleges have implemented test-free or test-optional admissions in the hopes of developing a more diverse pool of applicants, although student access to high school AP or IB courses will remain a factor in their acceptance.

What’s in store for college enrollment if affirmative action ends?

"A diverse student body enriches the social environment while also bringing unique perspectives to classroom conversations. Eliminating race-based college admissions will have devastating results," expert says.

Reparations for HBCUs? The disparities in 16 states that led to billions in underfunding

Over a period of 23 years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, Historically Black Colleges and Universities were given $12.8 billion less in funding...

Can higher ed rally to boost the number of women of color in tech fields?

A new partnership launched by Western Governors University could provide a spark in getting all women into once-taboo STEM fields.

World-class: These 19 HBCUs are recognized for work as Fulbright Institutional leaders

This year's select colleges and universities are helping further engagement with the transformative international program.

Final HEERF grants will go to helping 244 HBCUs, MSIs and community colleges

Uncertainty remains around further assistance for colleges and universities after pandemic relief ends.

How 6 top HBCUs are reacting to exodus of presidents

Some of higher education's most respected leaders are exiting their positions later this month.

‘The great elevator up’: 3 HBCU presidents discuss the need to lift students

Morehouse, Dillard and Paul Quinn leaders say investments need to be made in colleges that truly make a difference.

President news: 3-star military leader ‘returning to serve’ at HBCU

Hampton University replaces esteemed president William Harvey with alumnus and retired U.S. Army lieutenant general.

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