Improving Faculty Well-Being: A 3-Level Strategy to Reduce Burnout and Increase Retention

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Date & Time: Tuesday, May 14th at 2 pm ET

Faculty burnout and turnover continue to be significant challenges for colleges and universities, and these ongoing issues can limit the overall success of institutions. One of the keys to addressing them is through a multilevel, strategic focus on improving faculty well-being. 

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, two experts in faculty success, well-being, and retention will outline a practical 3-level strategy for institutional leaders at any level to create a more supportive environment for all faculty members.  

***All attendees will be provided with the results of the NCFDD’s annual faculty development survey.   

Topics will include: 

  • The impact of faculty well-being on retention, turnover, and institutional success  
  • The critical 3 levels of faculty support: policy, community, and empowerment 
  • Examples of how institutions are improving faculty well-being, mental health, and job satisfaction  


Lisa Hanasono, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University; Director of Training & Content, NCFDD

Tasha Souza, Ph.D., Professor, Head of Faculty Recruitment and Retention, and former Vice Provost for Faculty Success, California State University, Sacramento 

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