Student Success and Retention

Students are staying enrolled at decade-high rate, new report reveals

The rate of fall of 2022 freshmen returning for another year represents a decade high, according to the latest report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. 

Community college can be improved by (re)targeting this roadblock

Community colleges must recommit to reforming remedial education to ensure K12 students affected by the pandemic won't crash out of the postsecondary track, declares a new report from FutureEd.

This tool can boost adult learners’ completion. What’s getting in its way?

Capella University is experiencing a surge in adult learners entering bachelor's degrees by leveraging credit for prior learning. Its president believes its boosting equitable college completion rates.

The 3 factors holding at-risk students back from graduating

Nearly a quarter of today's undergraduate students have seriously considered leaving school or were nearly dismissed, according to a new Sallie Mae study conducted by Ipsos.

The 5 metrics colleges and universities should measure to boost their value

The report from Strada Education measures just how well each state is preparing its young adults for higher education and the career opportunities ahead of them—and which need improvement.

English majors have similar salary earnings, life quality than other degree holders, report

While not too far behind, survey responses indicate English departments may also be less likely to embrace career preparation as it threatens the "intellectual labor" of the degree, according to a recent report by the Modern Language Association.

Life support: How colleges are guiding students beyond campus life

These two institutions are connecting students with eager alumni to show them the ropes of what it means to be the next version of themselves: adults.

How can higher ed stop the bleeding from K12 learning loss?

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education predicts current elementary and middle school students to be less prepared for postsecondary education workforce pipeline planning. Here are five recommendations to limit the consequences.

A race against time: 2 ways to push students toward higher retention, completion rates

A new report by Ad Astra suggests how higher education can alleviate potholes inhibiting students from completing their degrees faster—and thus—at a higher rate.

Leaders, students are on different pages when it comes to supporting degree completion

Anthology's latest research paints a telling picture of where communication streams are mixed on what it takes to support students on their way to a degree.

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