If pandemic is ‘over,’ how should college leaders respond to future COVID issues?

Strong messaging, partnering on clinics and testing, and reviewing safety protocols should all be considered, says ACHA COVID-19 Task Force leader.

Yes, 82% of college students are fully vaccinated, but is that enough?

Mandates have helped push numbers higher, but the American College Health Association says institutions should still be encouraging doses and providing resources.

New vaccines get green light as University of Illinois deals with huge COVID outbreak

Booster shots could be a difference-maker this fall, but will colleges impose mandates or will students accept them?

Are we going to miss the opportunity to make higher ed more transparent?

Decisions are made at such a pace and amidst such complexity that the reasons behind those decisions often remain opaque.

Monkeypox, COVID and masks: Most colleges tell students, it’s on you to stay safe this fall

A few outliers, however, remain cautious and implement new mandates to stave off potential early outbreaks of coronavirus.

Will monkeypox cases at 2 major universities be harbinger for fall?

One system is testing wastewater for the emerging virus and another that was prominent in the 1950s: polio.

They’re here! Colleges welcome big invasion of students this fall

A new academic year brings new challenges, including housing, but campuses are working hard to meet their demands.

Ranking the best community colleges and assessing their murky future

Recent enrollment declines and lack of funding have deeply impacted 2-year institutions. Can they make a comeback?

Goldrick-Rab resigns as Hope Center leader, tenured professor at Temple

She says the decision to step down wasn't 'taken lightly' but that 'Temple is not the right home for me and my work advancing affordability.'

BU study shows no COVID-19 spread in classrooms because of this factor

With more wide-open strategies set for the fall, will campuses be able to keep positive case counts low?

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