Is higher education leadership changing? Here are 3 warning signs

As technological transformations and new student demands challenge higher education's legacy operations, these leaders are pushing for transformative—and perhaps controversial—change. 

3 reasons administrators are stalling on upgrading edtech

A lack of understanding around edtech, which in turn is fueling decision paralysis, may be forestalling the future, according to an unsettling survey by the College Innovation Network (CIN).

For the first time, 25% of the world’s 200 best institutions are led by women

Among the top 200 global universities identified by THE in 2024, 50 are now run by women, marking a steady incline over the past 5 years: 43 in 2022, 41 in 2021, 39 in 2020 and 34 in 2019 and 2018.

Why institutional neutrality is making a big resurgence among college leaders

Nonprofit groups and higher education leaders are inviting trustees and regents to restore an objective stance by recalling the famous words of the Kalven Report, a 1967 proclamation from the University of Chicago.

Pennsylvania’s 3 big pillars to overhaul the state higher education system

The new strategy may have arrived in the nick of time: Over the past decade, Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) enrollment has dropped 30% and community college enrollment has decreased by 37%, according to officials.

Is fear over antisemitism the latest blow to America’s confidence in higher ed?

A survey conducted last week by U.S. News & World Report and The Harris Poll found 58% of Americans believe that university leaders are failing students today.

AAUP on Florida: Authoritarian control wilting higher education

AAUP has released a scathing report compiling interviews from current and former faculty members, students, alumni, trustees, and retired university leaders documenting what it believes is a network of institutions declining into authoritative control, intellectual and moral bankruptcy and unfettered faculty turnover.

UPenn leadership destabilized after president, board chair resign

President Liz Magill faced mounting external pressure to step down due to her failure to convincingly denounce antisemitism before Congress last week.

Lawmakers grill 3 elite university presidents for handling of antisemitism on campus

"There is no diversity and inclusion of intellectual thought, and the result of that is antisemitism," said Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.). "College campuses have descended from coveted centers of intellectual freedom to illiberal sewers of tolerance and bigotry."

Here are 5 ways leaders can implement AI at the highest rungs of an institution

A new report from Complete College America outlines how AI can be implemented in a governed framework with viable checks and balances to ensure its responsible use and maximized potential.

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