Lawmakers grill 3 elite university presidents for handling of antisemitism on campus

"There is no diversity and inclusion of intellectual thought, and the result of that is antisemitism," said Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.). "College campuses have descended from coveted centers of intellectual freedom to illiberal sewers of tolerance and bigotry."

Here are 5 ways leaders can implement AI at the highest rungs of an institution

A new report from Complete College America outlines how AI can be implemented in a governed framework with viable checks and balances to ensure its responsible use and maximized potential.

Narcissistic presidents linked to “deterioration” in performance, study shows

From burdensome financial risks to "empire-building" strategies," a bombshell British study published on Research Policy reveals narcissistic leaders crave the limelight for fandom— at the expense of the institution over which they preside.

How a “culture of silence” at Liberty U prompted a federal investigation

A Clery Act investigation by the Education Department suggests the Christian university discouraged people from reporting crimes and underreported the claims it received. Undermined allegations of sexual violence reached the top of administration, according to investigators.

How interim college presidents can find success in a school’s state of transition

In honor of the late "Temple icon," it's important to reflect on what makes a strong candidate for the interim leader position, especially in the midst of their increased need due to decreased president tenures. 

How profound budget deficits are forcing schools to make unpopular decisions

Institutions everywhere are struggling with excessive budget deficits, and with little help in state funding, the decision for more drastic cuts peers on the horizon.

What defines an elite institution? These higher ed presidents don’t all agree

Communication breakdown was a common thread troubling leaders when discussing some of higher education's chief issues at The Presidents Dinner in Washington, D.C. last week.

This former president filed a lawsuit against the university his father founded—again

The lawsuit cites Liberty University's plans to create an interactive hologram of its late founder. Jerry Falwell Jr. called it an "ostentatious, Disney-esque shrine" in a press release statement.

‘Affirmative action made us complacent’: Leaders on their back heels get real on equity

"The higher education system is broken," said Colorado College President Song Richardson at the Department of Education's summit discussing the end of affirmative action.

Texas A&M’s botched faculty hiring reaches top of the ladder, claims president’s job

"We don't exhibit a very good image of competence to the outside world," said materials science and engineering professor Raymundo Arroyave in a special Faculty Senate meeting.

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