At the University of Montana, esports is about more than competition

Grizzly Esports is not simply a place for students to play games. It's about self-discovery, building bridges and finding a welcoming community.

100+ colleges got an “A” for scholarship transparency. Is yours among them?

About 650 schools were graded based on the clarity of requirements and award amounts, as well as consistency in the application process. Colleges face no transparency requirements in issuing merit-based scholarships, "leaving each college to decide how upfront or opaque it wants to be," according to the CAP Report Card released by College Aid Pro.

How badly did study abroad programs suffer this past school year?

During the 2020-2021 academic year, participation in the programs declined by 96% compared to the previous year, according to a new report from Open Doors.

More colleges are doing away with test requirements for good

At least 1,835 U.S. colleges have implemented test-free or test-optional admissions in the hopes of developing a more diverse pool of applicants, although student access to high school AP or IB courses will remain a factor in their acceptance.

What are college leaders most concerned about for 2023?

Enrollment, funding and employee recruitment are among the top priorities for leaders across 47 higher education institutions.

Student demographics: Big changes are forcing reinvention on campus

The pipeline of traditional-age students will tighten further midway through this decade because of the drop in births during the Great Recession of 2008, forcing college leaders to compete more aggressively for fewer students.

What’s in store for college enrollment if affirmative action ends?

"A diverse student body enriches the social environment while also bringing unique perspectives to classroom conversations. Eliminating race-based college admissions will have devastating results," expert says.

How your future students’ needs are changing in 5 big ways

Have you updated the recruitment pitch your college is making to prospective students as other options beckon and enrollment continues to slip?

Price check: Tuition is climbing again, but not as high as inflation

Higher ed leaders are not using college tuition increases to pass the costs of stubbornly high inflation onto students and families, a new analysis finds.

Student debt relief moves ‘full speed ahead’ despite temporary block

The program has been ordered to pause until an emergency request by six Republican-led states is ruled on.

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