The road to a bachelor’s degree: 7 ways to strengthen transfer pipelines

Strengthening community college and four-year college pipelines is critical to ensuring equitable student success in higher education, considering the large proportion of Black, Hispanic and other minority students enrolled at the two-year level, according to a new report from the Campaign for College Opportunity.

Are institutions leveraging their alumni to their full potential? Here’s how they can

According to a 2020 alumni engagement survey, 62% of institutional stakeholders report that their top priority is to increase the number of engaged alumni. Here are several ways active alumni can boost an institution's overall success.

Preventing AI Content Tools in Higher Ed

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Black enrollment is up at this university thanks to this service that aids student belonging

Black students offered Nearpeer to connect with others at California State University, Northridge were nearly 17% more likely to enroll, complete their first year and return in fall 2023 for the new academic year, according to a report.

FAFSA delayed until Dec. 31: How does this complicate your admissions team?

With the flurry of higher ed staff processing and packaging aid offers, reviewing financial aid appeals and counseling students on the changes, NASFAA is asking the Department of Education to work closely with financial aid offices to protect underresourced students from the lightning-quick turnaround. 

Why reengaging stopped-out students provides a well of opportunity for enrollment

More colleges are opting to reengage stopped-out students for their high conversion rates and desire to finish their education. Here are some tactics to help reel them in.

Why are 87% of these community college students not earning a bachelor’s degree?

Over half of all students of color and those from low-income backgrounds begin at the two-year level, yet less than 15% earn bachelor’s degrees within eight years, according to a new report compiled by the Department of Education.

International student enrollment post-pandemic hits biggest stride, tops 1 million

The 12% year-over-year increase is the fastest international student growth rate in more than 40 years and the largest in Open Doors' history.

Here are 2 areas where your first-generation students need more attention

First-generation students are prone to fall behind in higher education and beyond, prompting colleges, universities and related organizations to recognize their struggles and alleviate them.

How degree-granting colleges can reap rewards from alternative pathway students

Several degree-granting colleges and universities have found ways to open students' accessibility to pathway programs—while keeping the door open for continued education.

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