Agree or disagree? Check out the latest list of the 100 best college towns

"Wallet friendliness," social environment, and academic and economic opportunities determine WalletHub's 100 best college towns in America.

In terms of scholarly contribution, which universities top the list?

Although U.S. News recently released its rankings for the Best Global Universities, this list from Research.com is unique in that its main focus is to measure the impact and contributions of researchers from higher ed institutions worldwide.

U.S. News: Law school rankings will continue, even as more schools opt out

In less than a week, six elite U.S. law schools have opted out of U.S. News & World Report's rankings of the best law schools due to its "profoundly flawed" methodology, according to Harvard Law School Dean Heather K. Gerken.

It’s out: U.S. News has released its Top 10 Best Global Universities list

Harvard University is ranked the best college among 2,000 higher education institutions around the world.

In ranking the best colleges for 2023, are Ivy schools really a good value?

WalletHub’s new report showcases the top institutions and those that provide better ROI than others.

World University Rankings show U.S. slipping, though still dominant in Top 10

The stranglehold that universities in the United States have had in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings over the past decade has loosened...

How does your college stack up against its peers on social media?

Does your college or university rule TikTok? Is it a star on Instagram? Does it lead or follow on Facebook or Twitter? The best of...

Are these the 53 most beautiful campuses in the country?

Bucolic. Stately. Pristine. Iconic. Beautiful. Those are among the many doting words that the editors at Architectural Digest have used to describe what they consider...

U.S. News rankings: Columbia plummets, Princeton remains at top ahead of MIT

Still weighing reputation heavily, the new list includes mainstays near the top but a lot of publics in the top 40.

In Forbes rankings, Harvard plummets to No. 15 while others rise to top

MIT earns spot at No. 1 overall for value, inclusion and retention, while UCLA leads pack of publics at No. 5.

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