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Here are 2 developments that could compromise the DOE in the next year

Title IX, student loan forgiveness and federal oversight over institutions are in the crosshairs of two Republican-led initiatives with the power to overhaul public higher education.

Is higher ed underpriced? New bill would slash education budget

The FY 2025 bill, approved by an appropriations subcommittee, would cut funding in half for campus-based aid and slash the Student Aid Administration budget by 26%.

Academic Integrity in the Age of AI: Developing Effective Policies for Higher Ed

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 6th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a strategic consultant and former higher ed leader will discuss the complexities of integrating AI into academic settings, and how to ensure that new policies align with institutional values and minimize threats to academic integrity, while emphasizing fairness, transparency, and safety. 

Title IX turmoil: 26 states are fighting new LGBTQ+ rules

The Department of Education wants to extend sex-discrimination-based protections to gay and transgender students. However, one U.S. district chief judge believes the effort "derail[s] deeply rooted law."

Is Biden’s Title IX rule built to last? This expert is unsure

With increased protections afforded to LGBTQIA+ students and new protections afforded to alleged sexual assault victims, Biden's long-awaited Title IX revisions are already facing criticism.

Distance education via online learning may be in a for a huge shake-up due to this proposal

While an agreement that allows smaller schools to provide online learning free of complicated compliance measures may be in peril, some experts believe the need for stronger consumer protection outweighs the negatives.

How policymakers, higher ed leaders aim to correctly implement performance-based funding

While the model has been adopted and discarded across the country since the 1970s, recent guidelines aim to ensure its staying power. 

Performance-based funding: The new normal or a schtick?

While the model has recently drawn fanfare from policymakers, some higher education leaders and the public, others argue that evidence suggests that it will not only not work, but it will also backfire.

New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in higher ed

The 'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would provide grants to help develop interdisciplinary programs with nontraditional learners in mind and cultivate hands-on lab opportunities, all in order to facilitate a new wave of digital education.

Why federal oversight on higher education is growing on multiple fronts

Conflict in the Middle East and souring U.S.-China relations has stirred federal lawmakers and agencies to draw an antagonistic eye toward higher education and the nature of U.S. research.

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