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New Realities in Higher Education and How Leaders are Facing Them

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 30th at 2 pm ET

A President of a 4-year public HBCU institution, Deputy CIO of a private 4-year research institution, and Registrar of a public polytechnic Canadian institution will tackle enrollment cliffs, changing U.S. admission policies, Canadian international student caps, and the rise of AI by discussing approaches to improving student outcomes, increasing market competitiveness, and optimizing your technology investments.   

Here are 4 ways to hook more international students in a competitive landscape

Leveraging insights from Terra Dotta and Flywire, here's how colleges and universities can better support international students and distinguish their campuses from domestic competition.

Here are 3 ways U.S. higher education is increasing its global competitiveness

The international recruitment landscape is changing, and so are the ways schools are finding and attracting new talent.

Here are 3 ways the international student landscape is changing

As the U.S. higher education fights to keep its revenue afloat, recruitment strategies by other countries to attract their own robust cohorts of international students pose a challenge.

Africa’s student visa denials exceed every continent despite growing U.S. enrollment

A report published by the Higher Ed Immigration Portal found that U.S. immigration denied 50% of African student visas between 2015 and 2022. This, despite the fact "the growth in the world’s labor market is in Africa," according to Rebecca Winthrop, director of the Center for University Education at Brookings. "As other parts of the world age, Africa will grow its population and today’s children will be the talent tomorrow’s global companies will be recruiting."

These 15 colleges offer the most financial aid for international undergrad students

International student enrollment has largely recouped to pre-pandemic numbers, including at the graduate level, with students from India, China, Sub-Saharan Africa and Iran helping drive the way.

Report: International graduate student enrollment booms by 100% since the pandemic

From fall 2020 to fall 2022, India's enrollment has increased by 452%, and their number of students now surpasses China by almost 10,000.

These schools are working smarter, not harder, to boost international student enrollment

With international student enrollment doubling or even tripling, schools' DSO offices are turning to batch system software to process student applications more quickly—and increase employee retention and morale.

U.S.-China relations in higher ed is slipping. That’s a problem.

While a slew of proposed state bills antagonize China and international student enrollment continues to cool, higher education in the U.S. is flirting with losing a student body worth $15 billion to the U.S. economy.

Good news for higher ed: Applications are on the rise for fall 2023

College applications are up for fall 2023, the Common App's latest numbers show, including underrepresented and first-generation students.  

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