How merging can help colleges avoid failure in troubled times

College mergers may again pick up steam as higher ed leaders navigate the twin financial upheavals of COVID and a potential recession.

Thanks to key partnerships, the sky’s the limit for this N.C. graduate program

It has embraced “hybrid learning and turned it on its ears.” And it is incredibly open-minded when it comes to collaboration, something that can be a lesson for other institutions and programs struggling to make headway.

President Series: Caring for students remains No. 1 goal at the University of Kentucky

With a mission to serve a diverse, expanding community on campus and individuals in need throughout the Bluegrass State, UK is thriving and 'inspring ingenuity.'

Reports: Michigan State president facing uncertain future amid investigation

The ouster of the former dean of the Broad College of Business led to an inquiry into Samuel Stanley's oversight at the university.

Leveling silos: Anthology CEO discusses creating data cohesion for higher ed, students

Jim Milton talks about his company's merger with Blackboard and the benefits of creating seamless, simple comprehensive learner records.

‘Terror’ threats continue into 2022-23 at several universities, including Howard

Institutions should ensure their policies and procures in responding to bomb threats are updated.

Biden announces $10,000 in loan forgiveness, plus $20,000 in Pell relief for borrowers

While Democrats and philanthropy groups rejoice, Republican leaders call the president's decision to push ahead on the massive plan 'bloated' and 'political'.

Renovate or build new? What colleges can gain from saving legacy buildings

The charm might seem gone from historic campus structures, but preserving them can have its advantages.

Report: Gag orders impacting education jump 250% this year

Though K-12s in conservative states bear brunt of attacks on free speech, colleges have been deeply impacted.

They’re here! Colleges welcome big invasion of students this fall

A new academic year brings new challenges, including housing, but campuses are working hard to meet their demands.

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