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Credit for prior learning is showing value. Should your college care?

Credit for prior learning is gaining traction, spelling potential leaps in equitable postsecondary access. However, several factors could hinder its progress without immediate attention, declares a new report from AACRAO.

A look at a unique law that makes transfer credits count

Colorado is guaranteeing a "seamless transfer of course credit" and becomes the first state to require four-year universities to report which two-year credits they accept and reject. Lawmakers believe it will curb college costs and increase graduation rates.

U.S. voters want higher ed reform. Will it play a big role this election season?

The pandemic sprung a changing job market and a deeper mistrust in the cost of college, a new survey by Third Way finds. Here's what U.S. voters will be focusing on in a "high-stakes election year."

FAFSA fail creates “state of emergency” in West Virginia

College-bound West Virginia students can now qualify for the state’s largest financial aid programs without filling out the FAFSA application.

What can private institutions do about the middle-class squeeze?

As institutions increase their need- and merit-based scholarships to assist families from opposite ends of the economic spectrum, middle-class students are left with fewer options—and higher bills.

The 3 factors holding at-risk students back from graduating

Nearly a quarter of today's undergraduate students have seriously considered leaving school or were nearly dismissed, according to a new Sallie Mae study conducted by Ipsos.

Why some institutions can afford to market opaque sticker prices

Some institutions that leverage an intimidating sticker price are incentivized to keep up this practice—and equally dissuaded from stopping. 

This Colorado bill may pave the way for stronger upward transfer success stories

Community college students are often in the dark about which of their courses will count at the four-year level. Colorado wants to make it as transparent as possible—and hold institutions accountable.

How colleges can help moms land a “luxury” career

A joint report by the University of Phoenix and Motherly details why credentials from a college or a university are essential for mothers to secure a stable job—and what colleges can improve to ensure their success.

Here are 9 ways higher education can ensure rural America’s long-term vitality

In an area with fewer educational and professional opportunities, women and minorities are feeling the squeeze the worst. Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce explains just how higher education reverses the trend and leverages the region's track record of resilience.

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