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Why some institutions can afford to market opaque sticker prices

Some institutions that leverage an intimidating sticker price are incentivized to keep up this practice—and equally dissuaded from stopping. 

This Colorado bill may pave the way for stronger upward transfer success stories

Community college students are often in the dark about which of their courses will count at the four-year level. Colorado wants to make it as transparent as possible—and hold institutions accountable.

How colleges can help moms land a “luxury” career

A joint report by the University of Phoenix and Motherly details why credentials from a college or a university are essential for mothers to secure a stable job—and what colleges can improve to ensure their success.

Here are 9 ways higher education can ensure rural America’s long-term vitality

In an area with fewer educational and professional opportunities, women and minorities are feeling the squeeze the worst. Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce explains just how higher education reverses the trend and leverages the region's track record of resilience.

Community college students are returning to four-year institutions, up nearly 8% since last year

Even more promising is the fact that this uptick in enrollment is mainly driven by students coming from economically disadvantaged groups. 

Inclusive access: Higher ed, feds disagree on how to improve course material affordability

As ideal as inclusive access intends to be, the Department argues it's a model pushed by textbook publishers to wholesale digital materials to entire classes, stripping student choice.

Superintendent: Why bridging the K12-higher ed gap is vital to student equity

"I don't believe in this concept of stop-and-go: You stop high school and go into college. I believe we have to hold their hands and make sure they make it," says Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Jose Dotres.

These access and affordability programs geared toward high schoolers reap great results

Whether by providing financial aid or direct admission, high school students are getting excited about these initiatives easing their entry into college.

Do colleges consider legacy status in admissions? Here’s what the data says

The Supreme Court's dismantling of affirmative action earlier this year sent chills down the spines of higher education and K12 leaders alike over fears that students won't have equal access to college. New data from the U.S. Department of Education reveals just how widespread the practice was.

The road to a bachelor’s degree: 7 ways to strengthen transfer pipelines

Strengthening community college and four-year college pipelines is critical to ensuring equitable student success in higher education, considering the large proportion of Black, Hispanic and other minority students enrolled at the two-year level, according to a new report from the Campaign for College Opportunity.

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