Here are 5 ways leaders can implement AI at the highest rungs of an institution

A new report from Complete College America outlines how AI can be implemented in a governed framework with viable checks and balances to ensure its responsible use and maximized potential.

Grand Canyon University, Feds rumble after for-profit slapped with $38 million lawsuit

"I've talked to literally thousands of people in group and individual settings, and I'm getting the same message: This is government overreach, this is the weaponization of a department that has an opinion that isn't shared by anybody else," GCU President Brian Mueller said.

Narcissistic presidents linked to “deterioration” in performance, study shows

From burdensome financial risks to "empire-building" strategies," a bombshell British study published on Research Policy reveals narcissistic leaders crave the limelight for fandom— at the expense of the institution over which they preside.

Another small Christian college turns over the reins of its university in a merger

Multnomah University (Ore.) will now be referred to as Multnomah Campus of Jessup University after becoming a satellite campus to the California-based institution.

Policy roundup 2023: How state and federal legislators tackled higher ed

Some policy pushes have enjoyed bipartisan support, such as addressing hazing on college campuses. Others, however, have been more aligned across political lines, like dismantling DEI. 

Trouble at the top: Infighting among school board members invites outside criticism

Michigan State University Board of Trustee member Brianna Scott has released a letter highlighting chair Rema Vassar's alleged patterns of bullying, carrying personal agendas and vindictive behavior toward members who have opposed her. 

Florida seeks to silence speech on social activism across state schools, per regulation

The regulation's added ordinance barring public or social activism comes weeks after the Hamas-Israel conflict sparked incendiary student protests and backlash to university presidents' official statements.

This Alabama university is suing a state official after it was denied a lifeline

Birmingham-Southern College is suing the state treasurer after denying it a loan program that lawmakers promised would help save the university from going under, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday.

Middle East conflict continues to stir backlash, compromise safety across college campuses

From students all the way up to leadership, college and university community members who've spoken out on the Hamas-Israel conflict have faced intense backlash, further embroiling college campuses in an incendiary humanitarian crisis overseas.

Universities of Wisconsin shakes up its campuses, closing one and moving two online

“The status quo is not sustainable,” said Universities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman, following another year of decline across 10 of its 13 branch campuses.

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