Mergers and acquisitions: Don’t let finances blindside you

Consolidating can be the lifeline for smaller colleges. However, such the financial shock that drives the transaction often comes by surprise. Here's what to look out for and what steps to take if a merger is inevitable.

President Moves: Cornell leader steps down as hiring ramps up

Cornell President Martha E. Pollack has announced she will retire on June 30 after leading the New York university for seven years. Pollack's departure marks the third Ivy League leader to step down amid political turbulence in recent months.

Practical Strategies to Streamline Campus Construction and Renovation Projects

Date & Time: Thursday, June 13th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, learn some practical strategies to streamline campus construction and renovation projects both in the short- and long-term, so that institutions of any size can become nimbler, more efficient, and more proactive in their approach to these important initiatives.  

These features make 64 campuses the prettiest in the nation

The campuses on Architectural Digest's list represent schools that "stun across the board"—from dormitories to libraries to dining halls.

CIOs struggle to streamline personalized communications, hurting enrollment targets

85% of CIOs concerned with declining figures believe providing students with a top-notch digital experience is key to turning things around, according to a new trends report by Ocelot.

Commencement season is being ruffled by student protests. Which campuses are affected?

From disinvited speakers to canceled commencement ceremonies, here are some of the latest clashes from the past weekend, as well as a forecast of turbulence to come.

How these colleges successfully de-escalated campus protests

Several institutions have found ways to sooth student frustrations without calling in law enforcement, a strategy which risks emboldening protestors and casting a dark shadow on a university's image.

The 3 presidents facing faculty backlash for stamping out protests

As presidents ratchet up their measures to snuff campus protests, utilizing law enforcement and threats of suspension and arrest, faculty are increasingly becoming more disdainful toward their institutional leadership. 

Colleges find a DEI makeover is a useful sidestep—for now

School leaders who wish to comply with new regulations while simultaneously ensuring they're appealing to diverse student bodies are parrying legislative restrictions with a simple yet sly strategy: rebranding their DEI offices.

The Future Proof Campus: Taking A Data-Driven Approach to Facilities Investments

Date & Time: Thursday, May 23rd at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, learn more about how to gather the data needed to make wise facilities investments at any institution, how to optimize your facilities data, and how to take a data-driven approach to facilities improvements to ensure your campus is better prepared for the future.  *All attendees will be able to download the free eBook, “How to Use Asset Investment Planning for Capital Planning, Budgeting, and Asset Management.” 

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