In terms of scholarly contribution, which universities top the list?

Although U.S. News recently released its rankings for the Best Global Universities, this list from Research.com is unique in that its main focus is to measure the impact and contributions of researchers from higher ed institutions worldwide.

How this interim dean is reigniting his college’s community

Since the pandemic, Dr. Kenneth Carter noticed a sense of burnout from his students and faculty. Using student-inspired principles, he is leading the charge at the University of Oxford of Emory to create a sense of belonging and identity for all.

DeSantis’ ‘Stop WOKE’ law draws concern from university faculty

Under the policy, tenured faculty members would be subject to review every five years based on several factors, most notably their cooperation with the law which aims to keep colleges from "indoctrinating" students with divisive concepts such as race and white privilege. Those who receive poor reviews could face termination.

UF faculty leaders vote ‘no confidence’ in new president Ben Sasse

The flagship university's Board of Trustees is expected to officially hire the Nebraska senator on Tuesday amid an additional controversy over protests.

Are Gen Z’s complaints about college workload warranted, or are they just ‘entitled’?

At present, there are hundreds of different petitions on the website Change.org that call for the removal of professors at colleges and universities across...

Will Great Resignation among faculty hit higher ed next?

Faculty in higher education are only spending 13% of their time truly engaging with students but working more hours on other tasks, leading to...

6 factors that can help colleges deliver better online courses, resources

Wiley’s survey of students reveals that more than 90% like some form of digital learning.

The top 5 rankings in key categories from the 2023 Princeton Review

Vanderbilt University nearly sweeps three of the best measures voted on by students. But which colleges have the top dorms, food and career services?

Report: Gag orders impacting education jump 250% this year

Though K-12s in conservative states bear brunt of attacks on free speech, colleges have been deeply impacted.

Liberal arts rankings: In Money’s top 50, these are the standouts

Early career earnings and low cost of attendance after grants make these institutions competitive beyond their academic prowess.

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