Worried about being priced out of using AI? Here are some practical steps to get started

Institutions worried about falling behind in adopting AI but unsure how to move forward due to a lack of resources can subscribe to the following suggestions to armor themselves without breaking the bank. 

The 5 subjects proven to give undergrads the best wage premium

Despite fear that college enrollment is declining, a new academic study published by Sage Journals reveals that certain subjects are seeing big numbers. The deciding factor? The lifetime earning premiums they offer.

Engineering majors earn top salaries for grads—with a caveat

Engineering majors enter the workforce to fill some of the most lucrative positions in software development and other classic pathways. However, the salaries of graduates with computer and information technology degrees forecast a changing marketplace.

Demand for grad school isn’t going anywhere. How can you reel students into your programs?

More than 60% of undergraduates who began college between four and six years ago are either enrolled in a graduate program now or are seriously considering taking the next step, according to a recent report from Spark451, a Jenzabar Company.

Oh, the humanit(ies)! Why integrating the liberal arts and STEM is a win-win for students, institutions

While the humanities may not be as popular as they once were, STEM students—and institutions—have much to gain from some of their timeless lessons. These colleges and universities are taking note and adapting.

How institutions are leaving money on the table with their alternative credential offerings

Despite the well of opportunity present to higher education to offer employee development opportunities, company-higher education partnerships are losing ground to private providers.

Here are 3 academic programs for the professionals of tomorrow

Higher education is in the middle of an academic arms race to create curricula that are relevant to the jobs of today. If your institution wants to be ahead of the curve and discover the next exciting academic program to offer students, take some advice from Gray Decision Intelligence.

How an emerging economy is fueling an academic renaissance

National interest in revitalizing a domestic manufacturing industry related to microchip technology and AI has created an opportunity for higher education to strengthen its value proposition at the two-year, four-year and postgraduate level.

Trends 2024: Which universities will place greater emphasis on critical thinking?

Colleges racing to evolve their academic programs may be overlooking critical thinking, an essential skill students need to survive an ever-shifting marketplace driven by employer expectations and evolving tech trends.

Why your school needs to adopt curricula in computer and information sciences

With rising student demand and workforce prowess, degrees embracing these digital STEM fields can reap high enrollment and grant impressive ROI. Some institutions have already adopted it into their longstanding programs this year.

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