How the “next phase” of LGBTQ+ student support is stirring at this Ivy League

The University of Pennsylvania's Eidos LGBTQ+ Health initiative empowers all stakeholders to address the cultural gaps in healthcare that preclude its professionals from adequately caring for a growing demographic of the U.S. population.

These 3 religious colleges draw the ire of an LGBTQ+ watchdog

Schools this past year dodged Title IX statutes barring institutions from sexual discrimination since it contradicts its religious tenets.

These 30 colleges are the best of the best LGBTQ-friendly campuses

Most LGBTQ-friendly colleges support gender-affirming healthcare, LGBTQ+ peer mentorship programs and ally organizations.

Head scratcher? Florida blocks AP Psychology over LGBTQ+ content

State education officials say that college-level AP Psychology can only be taught if content covering sexual orientation and gender identity is excluded. 

LGBTQ+ attacks mount as students, allies rally to defend rights

From officials requesting trans student medical records to death threats, some LGBQT+ supporters show their commitment to building inclusive spaces and a core maintenance of values.

Here is every state’s most LGBTQ-friendly college

Best Colleges compiled data available from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and Campus Pride's Index Score to map out the most LGBTQ-friendly institutions in the country.

Here are the top 10 higher education stories of 2022

College rankings, university presidents and politics were top of mind for college leaders clicking on UB Daily throughout the year.

These 13 new colleges are among the ‘absolute worst’ for LGBTQ students

Labeled as unsafe and unwelcoming, they join the Campus Pride list of nearly 200 institutions that 'disciminate and perpetuate harm.'

These 40 colleges and universities earn 5 stars for LGBTQ work

The 'Best of the Best' are making extended efforts to recruit, retain and embrace all groups of students on their campuses.

Report: Gag orders impacting education jump 250% this year

Though K-12s in conservative states bear brunt of attacks on free speech, colleges have been deeply impacted.

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