3 big questions are lingering after NCAA’s landmark case

Should women get paid as much as men? This is one of the many questions posed by legal and athletics experts as they prepare for an unfamiliar world.

Why playing in college bowl games may motivate football players to study harder

Rather than the sport being a distraction, a new study from the University of Missouri reveals that the chance to compete in the postseason can actually motivate student-athletes to remain academically eligible to play.

Dangerous game: 92% of colleges fail to deliver mental health support for athletes

New study from NAIA and Mantra Health shows a lack of trainers and psychologists for those battling depression.

Title IX at 50 years: An uplifting story of perseverance and strength in higher education

A former plaintiff in a landmark case against Brown University, Lisa Kaplowitz is one of many examples of those effecting change in academia.

Title hopes? Why switching athletic conferences is a big gamble for universities

Research shows that moves intended to boost notoriety instead cause major disruption to brands and bottom lines at most institutions.

Jury finds 2 parents guilty of bribery, fraud in Varsity Blues scandal

Wilson, Abdelaziz convicted of using influence, money illegally to get their children into elite universities.

5 student-athletes, Stanford reach settlement over Title IX lawsuit

University must perform review, make plan public by next October.

Game-changer: 5 key factors in Supreme Court’s ruling on college athletes

From compensation for students to budgets to Title IX, the potential opportunities and pitfalls awaiting institutions and the NCAA.

College esports division for ‘Her’ ready for fall play

Women, femme-identifying and non-binary gamers are finally getting new opportunities, exciting pathways.

How to spread donor support for athletics to other areas of campus

We must consider how to broaden and bolster engagement so that what we offer in our classrooms is as attractive to donors as our athletics.

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