Connecting Academic and Administrative Services to Drive Student Success

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 4th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, the Assistant Vice President and Director of Student Records and Financial Services at Canisius will describe the impact of an initiative to connect and coordinate the academic advising and student financial services offices to better support students, and how the use of new technology and more intuitive staff processes has enabled these offices to help more students successfully continue their education.

Community college students want more clarity on their career paths

Most community college students have a career in mind. But many also lack information about the paths that will get them there.

How to build more flexible academic pathways for the changing college student

These two institutions are prioritizing experiential learning and initiatives that allow students to switch gears into other professional avenues as they continue to evolve as rapidly as the world around them. 

Here’s why some Gen Z grads face a tight employment window

Nearly a third of employers hiring entry-level positions admitted avoiding selecting Gen Zers, according to a survey from The culprit? Entitlement.

How are these schools boasting such strong placement rates for students?

While NACE's "First Destinations" 2021 showed recuperating rates for graduating bachelor's students, several schools have bucked the national trend, averaging student placement rates well over 10% than average.

Warning: Why incoming college students don’t feel ready for college and career decisions

Industry leaders say the No. 1 challenge is a shrinking talent pool but making college and career decisions troubles many potential college students.

Is catering to part-time students a smart move for colleges?

A new report from Complete College America shows institutions must start meeting shifting demographics and student need.

More than 30 groups call on Biden Administration to support college completion

Increased funding in next year's budget could help retain and get more students to completion.

Academic advocacy on 2 campuses is helping more students cross the finish line

Reaching struggling students before even they know they have a problem is key to "academic advocacy," an emerging high-touch advising model that prioritizes retention and completion.

How virtual advising makes dreams come true during COVID

Even though she was set to graduate high school near the top of her class, Ashley Espinosa wanted her writing to be stronger for her college applications.

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