Online Learning

By the numbers: How different is this fully online university from a traditional one?

Western Governors University president says, 'there's something about just saying we’ve got to disrupt this centuries-old convention that exists.'

The metaverse: Are colleges really light years away from reaching it?

Virtual lectures are nice, but becoming far more interactive over the next 5-10 years should be goal for higher ed leaders.

Howard University goes online amid spike in COVID-19 cases, low quarantine space

With commencement ceremonies a month away and the city seeing a 140% increase, the university isn't taking chances.

Is competency-based education really the elixir higher ed needs to survive?

Southern New Hampshire University President Paul LeBlanc discusses its merits, saying a shift to outcomes can 'unleash innovation.'

How one innovative president sees the unknown future of higher ed developing

Arizona State University's Michael Crow discusses the future of college degrees, lifelong learning, STEM and new technologies.

Will COVID fatigue prevent colleges from new mandates when cases rise?

As institutions have lessened protocols and talked up an endemic phase, a new variant is lurking and spreading rapidly.

College works: Employers say they plan to rev up hiring of 2022 graduates

NACE survey shows massive interest in young workers and a willingness to have them work remotely.

Can higher ed make it through April without big COVID spikes?

One big institution has abandoned most of its mitigation strategies, including contact tracing and isolation.

The Great Reskilling: Cengage CEO Michael Hansen says higher ed must meet demand

The pandemic opened up huge possibilities for fast, online learning, and employers need that pace and those credentials to continue.

This NCAA darling has a better story to tell: It’s in the top 1% for ROI

Small private Bryant University in Rhode Island is on the map after its tournament appearance, but it has been a standout for students seeking careers.

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