Right-Sizing and Democratizing Access: Strategic No-Code Tool Selection and Deployment in Higher Education

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Date & Time: Wednesday, May 1st at 2 pm ET

Universities and colleges are constantly seeking ways to boost efficiency and automate processes across various departments, not just within central IT. The key to achieving these goals lies in the smart selection and deployment of no-code forms and workflow automation tools.  

This session will share insights from the University of Connecticut’s experience in choosing tools that meet wide-ranging departmental needs while promoting an open-access policy to spur innovation and lessen the demand on support services. We’ll dive into three critical strategies for a successful rollout: effective sizing, broadening access, and ensuring these efforts complement central IT’s objectives.  

Attendees will: 

  • Discover how to effectively size IT tools to match a wide array of departmental needs, optimizing for a balance between functionality, simplicity, and affordability. 
  • Learn to set criteria for tool selection that prioritizes long-term vendor reliability, product adaptability, and a commitment to ongoing development. 
  • See how opening up access to IT tools across departments can reduce support demands and enhance operational efficiency with practical examples. 

This session targets a diverse group of university staff, including but not limited to CIOs, department heads, enterprise application managers, system administrators, and all stakeholders involved in IT tool selection, implementation, and management within their departments. 

Session Benefits: 

  • Tactics for evaluating and picking the most suitable IT tools for varied departmental requirements. 
  • Insights into the advantages of making IT tools widely accessible, leading to lower support costs and encouraging innovation throughout the institution. 
  • Guidelines on aligning IT tool deployment with central IT’s dual objectives of providing comprehensive services and enhancing departmental achievements. 


Michael R. Mundrane, Ph.D., Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer; Professor in Residence, Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Connecticut 

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