Civil Dialogue

Higher ed’s worst free speech offenders of 2022

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Freedom (FIRE) selected these institutions based on some of their head-scratching decisions such as circumventing a teacher's academic freedom, removing funding from a LGBTQ+ events, instating policies that would streamline firing tenured professors, and others.

AAUP on Florida College System: “We are appalled” by continued political interference

AAUP replied to Florida College System's decision to restrict race-related class curriculum with a statement that blasts FCS for being "hypocritical" and appalling.

Mockery of Asian language sparks calls for Purdue chancellor to step down

Faculty leaders have demanded the resignation of Purdue University Northwest Chancellor Thomas L. Keon after he blurted out a string of gibberish in a failed, offensive joke he made during a commencement ceremony.

Civil dialogue on campus can be boosted with Perspectives

How a new version of an eight-week course with a long history can help improve discourse at your college.

Ready for the fall? 10 potential policy pitfalls college leaders must address this summer

One litigation specialist says institutions should ensure procedures and strategies are updated before the fall.

When is the right time for college presidents to speak the truth?

Four leaders share how and why they might use the ‘bully pulpit’ to address tough topics in their communities.

What is really being taught in a course on critical race theory?

How an institution in one highly polarized state is going against the odds to offer it to undergraduates.

How colleges are honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, hosting Day of Racial Healing

Peaceful marches, powerful speakers and students serving their communities will highlight week of activities.

The student vote: Why it counts and how colleges can help in the process

Raising awareness and aiding young students in navigating a complex system can make them more civically engaged.

Critical race theory: 3 experts discuss its true role in higher education

University leaders offer a history lesson by debunking several theories, including its prevalence on campuses.

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