Amid FAFSA debacle, these higher ed leaders strive to ensure no student is left behind

College Possible, a nonprofit dedicated to servicing low-income and minority students through their higher education journey, has so far ensured that 56% of their students have filed for FAFSA, says CEO Siva Kumari.

Less hope schools will process FAFSA forms in time as blunders continue

Of 358 college and university leaders surveyed by ACE, 67% said they had little to no confidence they'd successfully process forms in the coming weeks.

College applicants dispel 3 narratives currently hounding higher education

Opinions from over 10,000 current college applicants and their parents suggest narratives surrounding higher education can differ vastly from those interested in attending U.S. institutions.

How colleges can encourage higher FAFSA form submissions

Not only could the headaches affect the number of students applying to one's institution, but they can also hurt the retention of one's first-generation students.

What leaders should know about the new digital SAT

It'll save students and educators about an hour of testing, for starters. Here's what The College Board told District Administration about the revamped exam.

The 4 trends shaping the admissions process in 2024, per report

Admissions management service Acuity Insights has identified some key trends shaping the higher education landscape this year and some of the best practices to implement to continue reeling in talented and diverse cohorts of students.

Which 2 groups can actually be hurt by the end of legacy admissions? One may surprise you

Murky data and secretive practices have prevented the public from understanding the true extent to which legacy admissions affect enrollment on a national scale.

This report plays devil’s advocate to the momentum on test-optional policies

After studying first-year Ivy-Plus students' admissions records and grades between 2017 and 2022, Harvard-based Opportunity Insights found that student's test scores are a far more significant predictor of collegiate success than their high school GPA.

FAFSA delayed until Dec. 31: How does this complicate your admissions team?

With the flurry of higher ed staff processing and packaging aid offers, reviewing financial aid appeals and counseling students on the changes, NASFAA is asking the Department of Education to work closely with financial aid offices to protect underresourced students from the lightning-quick turnaround. 

Nearly 80% of admissions officers were against the fall of affirmative action. How have they coped?

Despite the firm resolve of institutions to maintain similar student diversity benchmarks, nearly half (45%) said they were concerned about the difficulty of recruiting and retaining a diverse body, according to a new report by Acuity Insights.

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