Crisis Management

Protests hurt these campuses’ reputation. Now, they’re cutting staff

The University of Texas at Austin and Emerson College have recently announced staff layoffs due to declining enrollment numbers and internal crises linked to the recent wave of protests. Some staff believe institutions are using the demonstrations as a scapegoat to downsize.

How these colleges successfully de-escalated campus protests

Several institutions have found ways to sooth student frustrations without calling in law enforcement, a strategy which risks emboldening protestors and casting a dark shadow on a university's image.

The College of Saint Rose closes, sparking uproar from community

Students frustrated with the abrupt notice and lack of transparency took to The College of Saint Rose's official public announcement to voice their concerns, booing Board Chair Jeffrey Stone a few minutes into his speech.

Middle East conflict continues to stir backlash, compromise safety across college campuses

From students all the way up to leadership, college and university community members who've spoken out on the Hamas-Israel conflict have faced intense backlash, further embroiling college campuses in an incendiary humanitarian crisis overseas.

At least 21 colleges and universities announce campus closures following Hurricane Idalia

As the hurricane lands in the United States, it will be carving its path through Florida and up through coastal Georgia and the Carolinas. 

COVID returns to rear its ugly head across these campuses

With infections again trending upward, some institutions are reestablishing their commitment to vaccine requirements; with one college going so far as to reinstate mask mandates.

Why is West Virginia University eliminating 9% of its academic programs?

Recommended for the chopping block was the entire Department of World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, which houses bachelor's programs in Chinese Studies, French, German Studies, Russian Studies and Spanish.

‘Affirmative action made us complacent’: Leaders on their back heels get real on equity

"The higher education system is broken," said Colorado College President Song Richardson at the Department of Education's summit discussing the end of affirmative action.

This R1 university doubles down on mergers to adapt to budget shortage

The merger is the second announced in two years, which the president believes is "part of a strategic repositioning of the entire WVU System for success in a challenging collegiate landscape."

How should colleges respond to the recent surge in swatting incidents?

Since the beginning of April, at least 27 higher education institutions have received calls about an active shooter, a hostage situation or a bomb threat, only to discover they were fake or unfounded once police arrived on the scene. Some officials believe we need to change our conception of swatting incidents entirely.

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