Crisis Management

How a looming economic slump could upend higher ed’s playbook

Recessions typically lead to an uptick in enrollment, but the aftereffects of the pandemic are injecting yet more uncertainty into how hard the expected economic slowdown will hit colleges and universities.

The Basic Needs Hub: DePaul’s special mission to serve students

In February of 2020, DePaul University opened a pantry out of a storage closet on the third floor of its Lincoln Park campus. Primarily...

Florida Gulf Coast University ‘fortunate’ to be spared from hurricane, but many employees are struggling

Nine miles. That is all that separates Florida Gulf Coast University from the Gulf of Mexico and all that cushioned it from the Category...

Is this simple solution key to fixing the student debt crisis?

A key pivot during the pandemic could provide an efficient way for higher education to be more affordable.

2 big problems that could be caused by a financial aid staffing crisis

Staffing shortages are reaching crisis levels in financial aid offices, leaving administrators concerned about serving students adequately and remaining in compliance.

How the mental health crisis is crushing college counseling centers

Burnout is prevalent among directors and clinicians, who are feeling the effects of high workloads, COVID and a lack of support.

How delays disbursing emergency aid to students are resulting in mental anguish

The Hope Center’s founding director says colleges and universities must improve scale and delivery of funds.

5 ways colleges can ensure more effective emergency aid outcomes

New report highlights struggles, solutions with HEERF.

Universities extend employee emergency leave for COVID-19

The University of Alabama is allowing its staff, faculty and student workers to receive benefits beyond the expiration of the national program that ended in December.

Students call for aggressive action on emergency aid

Student coalition urges policymakers to create a competitive grant program to support emergency aid funds at colleges and universities. 

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