Student Success and Retention

Wanting to improve school culture? Look to these 3 resources

A sense of belonging is key to keeping students engaged and enrolled. Here's what research recommends for leaders ahead of 2024-25.

Best Value Colleges: Did your school make the 2024 rankings?

In these days of rising skepticism around higher education, what makes a "Best Value College?" Academics, cost, financial aid, career services, graduation rates, student debt and alumni support, among other factors measured by the Princeton Review.

Motivation Science and Outreach Strategies to Close Enrollment Gaps

Date & Time: Thursday, July 11th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a former professor of educational psychology at the University of Southern California will offer practical science-backed strategies for using digital channels to engage with, enroll, and retain more students for dual enrollment, workforce upskilling, and degree programs.   

How colleges can help restore what students lost during COVID

By following specific and proven strategies, the nation’s colleges and universities can reassure nervous students, families and policymakers and build pathways to completion of credentials of value that can lift up individuals and communities.

College degrees: See which ones have the highest ROI

Most campus leaders know some college degrees are more lucrative than others. What they may not know is how the ROI changes at different levels of college completion.

What higher ed leaders need to know about gender gaps in college and career confidence

Here's a number that should startle superintendents: 72% of female high school graduates lack confidence about their career path, a new survey has found.

These 30 colleges are the best of the best LGBTQ-friendly campuses

Most LGBTQ-friendly colleges support gender-affirming healthcare, LGBTQ+ peer mentorship programs and ally organizations.

Survey: Students and parents stress cost and career prep when picking a college

More respondents chose a "college with the best program for my (my child’s) career interests" (38%) than they did a "college with the best academic reputation" (11%) as the two top factors in the selection process, according to The Princeton Review's 2023 College Hopes & Worries Survey Report.

With tuition costs so high, a new minimum wage won’t help students

Students in all but three states would have to work more than 40 hours a week to pay for school and living expenses if minimum wage remains constant.

How your school can maintain a healthy environment for open dialogue

Free exchange of ideas on campus exposes its community to new ways of thinking and creates a more informed citizen, but too much of it can do the opposite. Here are ways to remedy those conflicts.

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