[PODCAST] Maximizing IRA Funding to Improve Campus Facilities and Impact Students


The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) introduced a new incentive structure that has made clean energy projects more appealing than ever to higher ed institutions.

From financial incentives for using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency, to tax exempt entity refunds and expanded eligibility, IRA funding is making sustainability initiatives more attractive for both public and private colleges and universities.

Higher ed leaders may now be wondering how best to take advantage of this historic opportunity to fund their campus development or renewal strategies.

Listen to this UB podcast with an expert in campus emissions reduction to learn how to leverage the Inflation Reduction Act to invest in renewable energy, reduce carbon footprints, attract students, and enhance institutional reputations.


Becky Wacker, Director of Energy Services Sales, Trane®

Becky Wacker | LinkedIn
[email protected]



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