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Melissa Ezarik

When a nudge to apply for financial aid comes from a familiar counselor and a reply triggers additional support, research shows students are more likely to both complete their FAFSA paperwork and enroll in college straight from high school.
Student financial responsibility agreements ensure students are aware of details such as what they owe and what happens if they don’t pay by a certain date. The agreements also help protect the institution. Image from akindo
Test-optional admissions, advocates say, helps level the playing field for students who don't test well or are unavailable on SAT exam days.
A COLORFUL FUTURE?—Hampshire College officials, with renewed support and a plan for reinventing its education model, is looking to become a success story for how struggling schools can turn things around.
Tea time—Afternoon tea service at Princeton University Library launched this year, for $15 per person and by reservation only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Photo: Shelley Szwast, Princeton University Library
Growth mindset—Nido Qubein, president of High Point University, unveiled HPU’s new 10-year, $1 billion growth plan this month.
LET THERE BE LIGHT—Floor-to-ceiling windows in the Mind Body Wellness facility at UT Health Science Center offer views of Health Sciences Park, where yoga classes have been held.
E-scooters are a popular form of alternative transportation on campus, but college leaders are careful in launching programs. (Photography by Kris Krug; image courtesy of Lime)
Both high-tech and low-tech methods are used by schools to prevent and detect plagiarism and other forms of cheating. Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash
Success support—Peer advisors at Dominican University in Illinois help students transition to university life and develop new ways to succeed in college.
More than half of higher ed administrators responding to a UB survey about minimum wage practices say their institution is paying more per hour than their state requires.
The campuses of Marlboro College (left) and the University of Bridgeport both have admirable views, but Marlboro is small and rural and UB is in one of Connecticut's major cities.
Preserving a student’s positive relationship with the college is a key goal. Here are five ways to manage and collect late tuition payments while also getting the collections job done.
Have a seat—Having several types of seating areas, as Clemson University's Core Campus dining hall has, helps ensure students see it as much than just a place to eat meals.
Hazardous waste management and accident prevention involves training, emergency preparation and knowledge of the substances being used.
Here are six university fundraising strategies recommended by advancement administrators who are making headway in receiving donations using mobile fundraising platforms.
Higher ed procurement options are usually more difficult for rural institutions such as Colgate University in New York because of supplier delivery challenges. UB's guide to procurement can help similar colleges.
Students at Vanderbilt University need not worry about making a stop during office hours for package pickup. As per the university mailroom guidelines, physical mail slots were replaced by a wall of intelligent parcel lockers, and students simply enter an access code to retrieve a delivery.
Nearly three in four colleges now offers Wi-Fi throughout more than 80% of their campuses. Image: structuresxx