2018 higher ed outlook

UB’s fourth annual year-ahead issue reveals the latest trends and predictions for higher education in 2018

Gale-force changes at the federal level last year set the scene for uncertainty in 2018—and resulted in top-level higher ed leaders who are, by necessity, focused on the big picture and advocating for colleges and their students at the national level.

Some are feeling more reactive than usual about happenings on their own campuses and may leave the office at the end of each day having managed the unexpected.

And, with more individual responsibilities hitting their plates compared to a year ago, administrators’ to-do lists may seem out of control.

As the results and analysis from our fourth annual Outlook surveys show, leaders from every corner of campus are focusing more on the power of data.

They’re reaching across department lines to partner and support one another in using data to better serve students and drive success.

Collaboration is also leading to new administrative efficiencies, smarter spending and more strategic planning.

Read on for a closer look ahead at where administrators in various functional roles will be this year—and what actions other institutions are making in 2018. —Melissa Ezarik, managing editor, UB

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