Providers on how colleges could better utilize kiosks

Why are kiosks important on campuses and how can colleges better use the technology?

“Making student self-service kiosks available in more campus locations and providing secure, on-demand access to student account information is a recipe for success. Having the ability to utilize these resources 24/7 is a natural fit for students and faculty; and with the right kiosk solution, ID verification, document scanning and form submission capabilities provide instant value and convenience.”

—Margo Bowie, marketing manager, Advanced Kiosks

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“Security is a priority for any tablet kiosk project, so choose an enclosure with a keyed lock. This will keep the tablet safe while providing easy access to staff.
Signage is important to encourage students to use the kiosk. Without a clear message telling students what the kiosk can do for them, they’ll walk by without using it.”

—Chris Grooms, senior project manager, Kiosk Group Inc.

“Engaging and interacting with a generation of students surrounded by media is driving significant change at colleges and universities. Kiosks on campuses provide a number of advantages, including automating processes such as ordering, ticketing and registration. As well, by integrating with backend systems such as inventory and Customer Relationship Management, schools can provide personalized real-time information.”

—Jennifer Gvozdek, marketing manager, Omnivex Corporation

“Universities are missing a prime opportunity by not taking full advantage of what’s possible with kiosk technology. For example, near-field technology can enable personalized wayfinding to help students find a specific building according to their schedule. Some challenges to overcome include location issues—colleges need a secure location with power and mobile connectivity. Maintenance is another challenge, which is why universities should partner with a total solutions provider who can deliver ongoing service as needed.”

—Ken Kirkley, senior account manager for education, NEC Display

“Students who use kiosk technology via physical or mobile devices receive a better overall quality of service. Information obtained via kiosk can help decrease their overall wait while increasing the efficiency of their visit. Students prefer software-driven solutions as the usage of technology is much more prevalent in their daily lives.”

—Josh Gravley, national sales manager, ACF Technologies

“Many universities could benefit from using technology to overhaul traditional set-ups for student records, admissions process, mail centers, print centers, finding books in the library, and more, and then providing automated access to mail, packages, student information, etc., via kiosks or mobile devices. This could save universities money, improve student experiences and potentially generate revenues. Particularly in mail centers, many colleges could benefit from automating processes, streamlining information and setting up a kiosk package-delivery system.”

—Renaud Rodrigue, vice president, higher education, Ricoh


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