U-M Health System Warns Faculty, Staff In Wake Of $276M Insider Trader Scheme

In the wake of accusations last week that a University of Michigan neurology professor was involved in an insider trading scheme, The University of Michigan Health System sent an email to faculty and staff Saturday reminding them to follow industry and hospital ethical standards, The Michigan Daily reported.

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Ideas at Work

Rethinking “business as usual”

Our institutions of higher learning are populated by experts in a wide range of fields—smart people with strong problem-solving abilities. This past year, as a first-time college president, it occurred to me that I should make a concerted effort to harness this brainpower for the good of my institution and its students. I envisioned a program that would motivate faculty and staff at Marymount University (Va.) to engage in creative, collaborative thinking to develop cost-saving, revenue-generating, and process-improving initiatives.

Executive Onboarding

The unwritten rules of success

Universities and colleges are struggling to compete for high quality senior administrative leaders. Tight budgets compound the challenge, since recruiting, selecting, and relocating candidates require significant investments.

Soaring College Administrative Costs Pit Bureaucrats Against Professors

Paul Robinson, chairman of Purdue University's faculty senate, strode through the halls of a 10- story concrete-and-glass administrative tower.

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Utah Valley U Adjuncts Want More Pay, Respect

Underpaid adjuncts have no job security, don’t get benefits and say they’re treated like “wage slaves.”

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Pa. University Faculty Authorize Strike

In a move to speed up contract negotiations, faculty at the 14 state-supported universities in Pennsylvania voted Friday to authorize a potential strike.

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Recognition Of University Of Central Arkansas Faculty Benefits Students

As the university tries to rebrand itself and recruit new students, the award-winning faculty are playing a vital role in beefing up UCA’s reputation after years of controversy, officials said.

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St. Louis U Faculty votes No Confidence in Biondi

The St. Louis University Faculty Senate today voted overwhelmingly in favor of a vote of No Confidence in SLU President Fr. Lawrence Biondi.

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Faculty Slam Florida Atlantic U President In Survey

Mary Jane Saunders received a warm welcome from faculty when she arrived at Florida Atlantic University in 2010, but the honeymoon appears to be over.

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