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Matt Zalaznick is the managing editor of University Business and a life-long journalist. Prior to writing for University Business, he worked in daily news all over the country, from the NYC suburbs to the Rocky Mountains, Silicon Valley and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He's also in a band.

President Moves: Cornell leader steps down as hiring ramps up

Cornell President Martha E. Pollack has announced she will retire on June 30 after leading the New York university for seven years. Pollack's departure marks the third Ivy League leader to step down amid political turbulence in recent months.

Higher ed funding: A look at 2 surprising trends

Higher ed funding, particularly at the state level, is not going in the direction one might expect at public colleges and universities a few years after the economic turmoil of the COVID pandemic. And neither is enrollment, according to a new analysis. 

Financial aid offices: How to stop a massive employee exodus

Financial aid offices were already struggling with staff shortages, a lack of representation and other personnel challenges when the FAFSA fiasco struck higher ed. A new report offers strategies to retain staff.

College degrees: See which ones have the highest ROI

Most campus leaders know some college degrees are more lucrative than others. What they may not know is how the ROI changes at different levels of college completion.

These features make 64 campuses the prettiest in the nation

The campuses on Architectural Digest's list represent schools that "stun across the board"—from dormitories to libraries to dining halls.

State ranks No. 1 for education despite years of controversy

Florida has stirred up plenty of controversy around K12 and higher education in recent years. But it still ranks No. 1 on this influential list.

Campus protests have strong student support. What about hate speech?

It may not surprise higher ed leaders that students overwhelmingly back pro-Palestinian campus protests. What may be startling is a poll that shows how some college students feel about hate speech and violence.

FAFSA fail creates “state of emergency” in West Virginia

College-bound West Virginia students can now qualify for the state’s largest financial aid programs without filling out the FAFSA application.

Community college students want more clarity on their career paths

Most community college students have a career in mind. But many also lack information about the paths that will get them there.

AI is now helping students write millions of K12 and college papers

Few K12 and college students are using artificial intelligence to write entire papers—but many of them are using the rapidly advancing technology, data from a leading AI detector tools shows.

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