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Matt Zalaznick

Students work together at the Bard High School Early College Baltimore. (photo taken pre-COVID)
More than one-third of students canceled their plans entirely, a decision that was more likely to be made in low-income households. (GettyImages/SDI Productions)
Advocates are calling on President-elect Joe Biden to repeal the Muslim travel ban, reinstate DACA and take several other actions to support international students. (GettyImages/Kilito Chan)
Student tuition strikers at Columbia University say they want administrators to take more decisive action against anti-black racism on campus and in the surrounding West Harlem community. (GettyImages/Bruce Yuanyue Bi)
Husson University held its first COVID vaccination training for pharmacy workers on Jan. 9. (Photo: Kevin Bennet)
(Infographic: Child Trends)
A wide-ranging partnership between five New Mexico colleges will allow students, for instance, such as this one at a Santa Fe Community College chemistry lab, to take a course offered at another college if it is not offered on their own campus.
Columbia University students threatening to strike this spring want administrators to cut tuition, fees, and room and board by at least 10%, and increase financial aid by a similar amount. They're also calling for public safety reforms.
Compared to the average American adult, AmeriCorps alumni are more likely to attain a bachelor's degree or higher, the agency says. (Photo: AmeriCorps)
Online U, a new higher ed ranking, evaluates online college degree programs based on alumni salaries and debt as reported to the government. (GettyImages/PeopleImages)
University of Kentucky graduate Whitney Walker has filled her high school classroom with life-sized cut-outs of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Michelle Obama and other luminaries.
Black students often borrow more than do white students to attain a college degree, making it harder to start a family, buy a home or save for retirement, a consumer advocate says. (GettyImages/FatCamera)
Universities that suppressed COVID this fall say controlling their own self-administered testing program was key to success. (Photo: The Georgia Institute of Technology)