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Matt Zalaznick

Faculty and advisors can measure personal networks by determining the number and diversity of people that a student knows, and how the student describes their experiences of relationships. (Photo taken pre-COVID)
Pre-service special education teachers at the University of North Georgia interact with computer-generated avatars in a simulated scenario as part of an applied behavioral analysis course.
Colleges and universities can the latest COVID stimulus funds to to cover unpaid student loan balances.
Students at Purdue Polytechnic High School Schweitzer Center work on graphic and visual art projects. (Purdue University/Charles Jischke)
Institutions must spend half of the American Rescue Plan's $40 billion in higher education funding on emergency financial aid grants to students.
American University students have been providing virtual tutoring the faculty members' children whose schools are still closed.
Grand Valley State University’s 600 tutors and mentors are working with teachers and school districts to align the tutoring with classroom instruction.
Several affinity groups, including one for employees of color, operate at Greenfield Community College to support the school's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
(AdobeStock/Karen Roach)
More colleges and universities have made SATs and ACTs optional since the COVID outbreak. (AdobeStock/panitan)
Roger Williams University will expand on its K-12 initiative to design and track new equity goals for Providence Public Schools (photo taken pre-COVID).
Mentorship programs at Holyoke Community College prioritize guiding students in career planning and transferring to four-year schools. These students are working in a campus microbiology lab.
Students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds view teachers of color favorably, and students of color perform better when they have teachers of color, teacher prep experts say, (AdobeStock/highwaystarz)
Strengthen alumni networks can provider wider job opportunities to students whose families aren't well connected to potential employers.