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Matt Zalaznick

UBTech attendees participate in a role-playing exercise as a classroom improvement committee designing active-learning spaces.
Kyle Bowen, director of education technology at The Pennsylvania State University, tells UB Tech conference attendees how classroom design accommodates more active approaches to teaching and learning.
Since Trinity University began using The College Board’s Environmental Context Dashboard—which some call the SAT adversity score—leaders of the Texas liberal arts institution say they have enrolled two of its most diverse and academically accomplished classes.
The use of mobile technology in education can improve learning. At California State University, Fresno, the DISCOVERe mobile technology initiative has increased student engagement.
To prevent plagiarism and other types of academic dishonesty, colleges and universities can work with technology that analyzes writing styles and verifies identities.
At the University of West Georgia, The campus counseling center is combating the prevalence of depression in college students through a series of #UWGSpeaks videos.
Food waste
LEADING THE CHARGE—University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy (front, right) leverages his corporate and congressional careers in managing a major employer and sustaining political and community support for the university.
Purdue University students streaming Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, HBO and and other popular sites were sucking up bandwidth needed for academic purposes.
greek reform