President Moves: Morehouse’s ‘record-breaking’ leader announces retirement

David A. Thomas will leave Morehouse College having increased applications from high-achieving students and raised more funds than any of the school's previous leaders. In other moves, Berklee College of Music has picked it next president.

‘TGIF Time-saver’: Kamala Harris’ impact on higher ed

The presumptive Democratic nominee is gaining support from prominent education figures. What might be in store?

Lottery admissions: Are they feasible in an anti-DEI environment?

Colleges and universities creating new admissions standards that support socioeconomic diversity could introduce an "element of randomness," a report by Acuity Insights suggests.

Best medical schools: U.S. News unveils its 2024 list—without rank

Due to a decline in participation, this year's report doesn't include a ranking of each school. Instead, institutions have been grouped in "tiers."

How one flagship is rallying for climate resilience now

With average temperatures rising and downpours increasing, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is mitigating the consequences of climate change through a diverse set of objectives.

TGIF Time-saver: How are students feeling about the big election?

Also in this week's TGIF Time-saver news roundup, female leaders are making progress in higher business offices and a newcomer enters the edtech arena.

ACT slim down: A look at the big changes the test is making

The newly shortened exam is designed to provide greater flexibility for students, who now face fewer questions and can choose whether to complete the science section.

Compared to K12, higher ed leads the charge in AI adoption

College students are more likely to report receiving guidance about how to use the technology. High schoolers, not so much.

Here are 2 developments that could compromise the DOE in the next year

Title IX, student loan forgiveness and federal oversight over institutions are in the crosshairs of two Republican-led initiatives with the power to overhaul public higher education.

Your marketing team knows AI is the new jackpot. What hinders its growth?

Many higher education marketing and enrollment teams are on board with integrating AI into their everyday job functions, but timid leadership and a lack of resources are inhibiting widespread adoption, a new report declares.

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