1. Retaking courses at no cost

An overwhelmingly number of students believe they cannot finance their undergraduate degree, study shows

In Florida, Valencia College, a community college that now operates as a four-year state institution, has extended the period that students can withdraw from classes without penalty and then re-enroll in the summer at no charge. Students can still apply for financial aid if they participate in this tuition program.

Approximately 6,000 students will retake 10,000 courses, which would have generated approximately $3 million in revenue. “We wanted to help with tuition to provide a level of comfort for our students and to make sure they were available when managing this transition,” says Daniel Barkowitz, assistant vice president, financial aid and veterans’ affairs.

To help cover the cost, Valencia College is taking advantage of a state tuition program that allows schools to provide a certain percentage of tuition waivers during the year. “It does come at a reduction to our own budget, but we felt it was important for us to manage,” says Barkowitz. “Any additional financial aid that students receive will just increase the amount of refunding they need to offset their living expenses.”

#2 Free Tuition for Multiple Semesters‡’

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