California may ban legacy admissions at universities

California could become the fourth state to ban legacy admissions preferences at universities under a bill making its way through the State Legislature. Many selective...

‘It was gaslighting’: Students upset over Pittsburgh Technical College closure

For months, college leaders said Pittsburgh Technical College had no plans to close, even as financial and enrollment woes mounted, as employees and board members left, and even as the school’s accrediting body warned PTC’s days might be numbered.

The quest for ‘embodied equity’ on college campuses focuses on neurodivergent students

University of San Diego professors are developing programs to help empower neurodivergent students to thrive in college and career.

Connecticut lawmakers put final COVID funds toward higher ed

It’s a last-ditch effort to plug massive budget deficits facing the state’s public institutions for the second year in a row.

Louisiana bill targeting free speech on college campuses advances

The bill saw testimonies from several state university professors and students, who argued the proposed law was “not the right answer” and could curb protestor rights to the First Amendment.

Zombie colleges roam the internet, here’s how to spot a legitimate, living university

A USA Today has exposed websites set up for closed universities posing as viable colleges. Whoever is behind the copycat sites has been collecting application fees and personal student identity information.

Campus protests have strong student support. What about hate speech?

It may not surprise higher ed leaders that students overwhelmingly back pro-Palestinian campus protests. What may be startling is a poll that shows how some college students feel about hate speech and violence.

These finance leaders outline how investing in tech is helping drive down costs

Institutions today are seeking to become leaner operationally while growing their revenue, and they're improving tech infrastructure to reap big rewards for the years to come, according to BDO's latest survey.

2 ways universities are mitigating cybersecurity risks in a complex environment

Thanks to a mix of academic freedom, complex IT environments and valuable data, universities are magnets for hackers. Here are some solutions to draw the line.

Higher education levels linked with civic engagement, better health

Those with higher education levels are linked with more civic engagement and better physical health, according to a new analysis from Gallup.

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