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Why Northwestern is pursuing the possibility of housing students in hotels

Universities are pursuing the possibility of housing students in hotels this fall during the pandemic. Northwestern University began exploring this option in April for housing those infected with COVID-19 rather than allow them to stay in residential halls.

6 chatbot functions that can maximize student experiences

Colleges need to do more than just install and update their chatbots to ensure students receive the right answers as quickly as possible. Chatbots must escalate, contextualize, provide actionable opportunities, launch workflows, offer balanced answers and be comprehensive.

How workforce development can provide childcare and housing support

Tallahassee Community College in Florida recently created a campuswide program that connects people in the community who lost their jobs during the pandemic with employment opportunities, workforce development training and other services, including childcare, healthcare, abuse and housing support.

4 ways workforce development is improving communities during COVID era

Community colleges and four-year institutions are creating new workforce development training opportunities and forming strategic partnerships in their communities to improve employment numbers as quickly as possible.

Why this expert considers some test optional provisions ‘scams’ and inequitable

Test optional colleges could be creating additional inequities for students with poor socio-economic backgrounds and could even be forcing more testing on students if done improperly.

How one college has brought AI into the classroom

Most colleges and universities are employing artificial intelligence for administrative affairs, but Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is putting this technology into the hands of professors

Report: COVID-19 worsening enrollment decline and facility growth disconnect

The COVID-19 pandemic is worsening the ever-deepening disconnect between the continual decline in college enrollment and rise in campus footprints, report says.

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