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Steven Blackburn

(Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash)
As state funding continues to plummet, higher ed is seeing a rise in university budget cuts that are resulting in college layoffs and program reductions.
Susan Edwards, President, Wright State University, Ohio
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Pennsylvania’s largest community college is putting an end to its college mental health programs as studies show that mental health among college students is already poor.
As the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) starts looking into college athlete compensation, multiple states are considering paying student athletes similar to California. 
Nassar Nizami of Thomas Jefferson University gave suggestions for successful mergers to participants at UB Tech® 2019 by discussing one of the more recent higher education mergers -- the combination of Thomas Jefferson and Philadelphia University in 2017.
Even though large state cuts in higher ed funding have contributed to tuition increases, schools such as Wayne State University are still able to provide free college tuition.
Successful college orientation programs sometimes involve a blend of traditional and less traditional elements like at Hamilton College. The college's program begins with a single day of regular orientation sessions that break into groups for a travel experience of their choice.