NCAA president Mark Emmert envisions smaller role for organization in college sports

With the NCAA facing pressure from Congress, the courts and increasingly from its own constituents to reform its role in the day-to-day management of college sports, president Mark Emmert on Thursday proposed a smaller governance role for the NCAA in which the decision-making power on a large swath of issues gets delegated to conferences and schools, or even a re-imagined structure where certain sports are managed separately.

“For decades, 50 years or more, the tendency has been that anytime there’s an issue or concern, it’s been moved up to a national rule,” Emmert told a small group of reporters. “Whether it was something advanced by a school or a conference, it was always kicked up to the national level.

“I’m confident we need to reconsider delegation of a lot of things that are now done at the national level … it should only be at that level if it’s the only place it can get done, if that’s the only place it makes sense to have a rule developed and enforced.”

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