N.J. university steps in to save Bloomfield College from shutting down

The 153-year-old institution gets a last-minute save after it threatened to close in the fall of 2022-23.

Five months after announcing it was in deep financial trouble, Bloomfield College has found the savior it was hoping for to help keep one of New Jersey’s oldest campuses from shutting down.

Montclair State University, a public university just a 10 minute drive away, will step in to loan Bloomfield College the money it needs to stay open for the 2022-2023 academic year while the two schools work out a permanent partnership, campus officials announced Wednesday.

The highly-unusual affiliation between a private college and a public university was authorized with a vote by Montclair State’s Board of Trustees in an early-morning meeting. Bloomfield College will get to keep its name and mission under the deal, officials said.

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