‘I thought my dad would pay’: Internet backs student whose college fund depends on DNA test

Internet commenters rallied around one high school student on Thursday after he revealed that his college fund depends on the results of a DNA test in a viral post.

Posted in Reddit‘s r/AmITheA**hole, the post has received nearly 15,000 votes (97 percent upvoted) and more than 1,200 comments in just eight hours. In the post, which was recently locked by forum moderators, Reddior u/zhhgn asked the popular subreddit’s 3.4 million members if he was wrong for initially refusing to take a DNA test to prove he is his father’s biological child.

Explaining that his father recently found out his mother had cheated on him sometime in the past, u/zhhgn said that his parents are getting divorced and that his father wants him and his two siblings to take DNA tests to prove they are all his children. Detailing his concerns with taking the test, u/zhhgn added that his dad threatened not to pay for his college education if the DNA results were negative.

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