Honeywell launches first autonomous building technology

Honeywell has developed machine learning technology that gives buildings a brain. Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization enables buildings to operate autonomously, proactively making adjustments that provide more comfort for the people inside and drastically cutting energy consumption.

Today it announces the launch and successful pilot program of the first autonomous building with Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) in Dubai.

This is how the technology works:

  • The 24/7 Brain: Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization autonomously analyzes sensor data points across hundreds of assets from any building management system in place – even from other vendors – every 15 minutes, or 96 times in a 24-hour period, to determine whether a building’s HVAC system is properly optimized in each room.
  • AI Makes it Personal: Once the system identifies a flaw or need for adjustment, it’s able to simultaneously analyze multiple factors – such as time, weather, occupancy and more – to determine a room’s most optimal, energy-saving temperature, all without compromising comfort or safety.
  • The Result – Unparalleled Savings: Utilizing Honeywell’s AI and ML capabilities during a pilot run of the technology, HBMSU saw an initial 10% energy savings despite already having impressive green operations.

Ways it is changing education:

  • Honeywell is also paving the way for more hands-on experiences for students who want to make the world greener through technology. As part of the pilot program, HBMSU students taking courses like Innovation and Environmental Management will have access to Forge technology.
  • HBMSU is leading the charge in shaping tomorrow’s building engineers and facility managers, who will span information technology and operational technology. As OT and IT functions continue to merge and operations become more digital, early access to tools like Forge will be invaluable.

What it means for the environment:

  • Right now buildings are responsible for over one-third of global energy consumption. In fact, the amount of annual CO2 emissions produced by commercial buildings is equivalent to the weight of about 40,000 Empire State Buildings.
  • HBMSU, renowned for its technology and innovation programs, is considered one of the greenest buildings in use. Still, Honeywell Forge was able to empower its existing hardware to generate double digit energy savings above what they’d already achieved.
  • With such substantial additional energy savings, Honeywell believes there is opportunity for buildings around the world to go further, using existing smart technology to make a bigger positive impact on the environment.

You can find the press release here and below my signature, plus more information about the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University project here. Honeywell also installed Forge in the Burj Khalifa, as detailed in this video.


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