Stefanie Botelho

Higher education stepping up in face of pandemic

The coronavirus has upended the world in just a few weeks’ time. Like all enterprises, higher education is being challenged in unanticipated ways that require rapid change.

Pa. universities facing immediate hit as lawmaker floats closures

The state’s 14 public universities are projected to lose from $70 million to $100 million this spring semester, which a top official conceded will require a “dramatically” accelerated plan for reform, though he balked at the idea of closures.

The disease that could topple traditional higher ed

“Illness strikes men when they are exposed to change.” So wrote the 5th century B.C. Greek historian, Herodotus, widely regarded as the “Father of History.”

House kills higher education budget after citing BSU diversity letter

Legislators killed the higher education budget on the House floor, offering a sharp rebuke to Idaho’s college and university system and casting doubt on the Legislature’s ability to adjourn the 2020 session next week.

University of Washington Medicine creates drive-through testing for employees

The University of Washington is rapidly expanding its ability to test people for COVID-19. A drive-thru testing site is already up and running at UW Medical in North Seattle that can test 40 to 50 people per day.

CollegeSource launches new degree discovery service

CollegeSource, the higher education industry’s most trusted SaaS provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions, officially launched its latest version of uAchieve Degree Audit including its newest addition - Degree Discovery.

Honeywell launches first autonomous building technology

Honeywell has developed machine learning technology that gives buildings a brain. Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization enables buildings to operate autonomously, proactively making adjustments that provide more comfort for the people inside and drastically cutting energy consumption.

Fullstack Academy expands partnership with the University of San Diego

In response to burgeoning interest in its recently launched cyber bootcamp, Fullstack Academy announced it has expanded its partnership with the University of San Diego with the establishment of a program that teaches web programming skills.

Bridging digital divides between schools and communities

Schools have historically been the beneficiaries of public and private sector investments in digital infrastructure, programs, and other resources.

Bill to merge Florida Poly, New College into UF advances in Florida Legislature

The debate blew past the committee’s scheduled end time and featured testy exchanges between members of the Florida House.

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