Concerns grow over suicide among college students nationwide

Pediatricians are sounding the alarm on children’s mental health declaring it a national emergency.

Mental health is also plaguing college students including death by suicide.

Students on San Diego State’s campus say despite being able to return to campus there’s still added anxiety.

“Yeah school is back in session but now we’ve been off campus for so long so being on campus is a whole different struggle,” said Jordyn Betch, SDSU sophomore.

Colleges around the country are also struggling to address mental health that includes student suicides.

Earlier this month the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill paused classes for a Wellness Day after two possible student suicides.

“This is a major societal issue. It’s a mental health tsunami and this is our kids,” said Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD, Chair of the UNC Psychiatry Department.

The CDC reports nationwide suicide is the second leading cause of death among the college-age population.

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