Here are 5 ways leaders can implement AI at the highest rungs of an institution

A new report from Complete College America outlines how AI can be implemented in a governed framework with viable checks and balances to ensure its responsible use and maximized potential.

How proper learning and exposure to AI can win over even your most cautious faculty

Course Hero's Sean Michael Morris sees the trend of cautious leaders as a result of a timeless truism: We fear what we don't know. The antidote? Unlocking their confidence with informed training.

With Gen Z students loving non-degree pathways, here’s how higher ed leaders can adapt

Nine out of 10 Gen Z high school graduates who are either pursuing or pursued a non-degree alternative, like credentials, report being satisfied with their decision, according to a survey from the American Student Assistance and Jobs for the Future.

Resolving bias: 4 ways higher education can create responsible AI for societal good

The University of Utah's Responsible AI Initiative is helping build the anecdote to implicit bias found in the revolutionary tool. It takes more than complex algorithms; it takes people, says Manish Parashar, director of the initiative.

Higher ed, K12 and edtech giants join forces in next big step for micro-credentials

One recent initiative might be the most expansive as it attempts to put multiple sectors on the same page to ensure their trust and quality across K12, higher education and third-party providers. 1EdTech TrustEd aims to develop a framework of trustworthy, verifiable micro-credentials that operate across various networks with ease.

Why implementing edtech effectively is as important as the tool itself

"Technology is now a science and a commodity you can buy and service anywhere. But integrating it and making it instantly available is an art, not a science," says Mike Mathews, vice president of innovation and technology at Oral Roberts University.

3 ways faculty and administrators are embracing AI beyond the classroom

"People are 100% using AI right now for accreditation writing," says Glenn Phillips, former director of assessment at Howard University. "I know several folks who have ChatGPT open on their browser at all times. They're using it whether you want them to or not."

This major accreditation body is helping legitimize alternative credentials

Amid the proliferation of alternative credential programs created by higher ed and non-academics alike, this accrediting body wants to snuff the confusion.

AI has given edtech a breath of fresh air. Will it last?

Despite shaky short-term forecasts, edtech is still poised for long-term growth, and AI is currently driving the buzz at edX, the popular online learning platform. Reports focused on decade-wide analysis rather than year-to-year changes reaffirm the viability of edtech: The market is expected to be near $1 trillion by the end of the decade.

Why are learning management systems quickly becoming student favorites?

VitalSource's Annual Course Materials Report found that about a fifth of all students now purchase course materials directly through their LMS rather than through standard retail options.

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