Student learning revisited: How these educators empower their assessments with AI the right way

Educators are uprooting classic reading- and writing-based assessments as student use of ChatGPT and related generative AI tools become increasingly common—and effective.

A fortune in the short-term: Now is the time for continuing education programs to soar

The University of North Florida partially credits its enrollment growth to its focus on continuing education programs. But are institutions' outdated financial systems ready for an Amazon-like shopping experience?

Worried about being priced out of using AI? Here are some practical steps to get started

Institutions worried about falling behind in adopting AI but unsure how to move forward due to a lack of resources can subscribe to the following suggestions to armor themselves without breaking the bank. 

ChatGPT Edu makes its higher ed debut. Here’s what’s included

This latest iteration of the generative AI chatbot unlocks enhanced capabilities for schools, including the option to build custom GPTs and improved functionalities such as data analytics and document summarization.

Edtech funding falls flat in Q1

The precipitous pre-pandemic growth in edtech venture capital funding, followed by the investment boon in 2020-21, is far behind us, suggests an analysis from HolonIQ, a global market data platform. 

The catch-22 of colleges, universities using TikTok on campus

Lawmakers urging that TikTok be banned in the U.S. has forced colleges to weigh the pros and cons of the app's removal from campus.

AI is now helping students write millions of K12 and college papers

Few K12 and college students are using artificial intelligence to write entire papers—but many of them are using the rapidly advancing technology, data from a leading AI detector tools shows.

The ‘now’ of education: Faculty, admins talk maximizing AI and building guardrails

At University Business' live webinar, experts illustrated how advanced institutions' thinking has become toward generative AI tools. But that's not to say they aren't mindful of carefully implementing it.

Here are 4 ways to boost the reputation of your continuing education units

Professional, continuing, and online education units continue to gain momentum thanks to senior leadership buy-in, adult learner interest and program innovation. Research from Modern Campus uncovers what's holding them back from reaching the next level.

Distance education via online learning may be in a for a huge shake-up due to this proposal

While an agreement that allows smaller schools to provide online learning free of complicated compliance measures may be in peril, some experts believe the need for stronger consumer protection outweighs the negatives.

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