The 5 reasons Black leaders want loan debt eliminated, better funding for HBCUs

Will the $1.75 trillion social spending plan do enough to meet their needs or fall short of goals?

Is higher education really broken and can the University of Austin save it?

UATX president is boldly attacking institutions as it prepares to launch without accreditation on a ‘pursuit of truth’ platform.

Why test-optional admissions policies should extend beyond 1 to 2 years

FairTest Director says 77% of colleges don't require test scores and the majority will not even as pandemic subsides.

As student fears rise, how strong are safety measures your college provides?

Sexual misconducts, hazing and other potential crimes demand proactive messaging and resources on security from institutions.

Big COVID-19 outbreaks at Halloween show colleges must stay vigilant

Several institutions saw significant spikes because of unmasked gatherings during the holiday.

The impacts of the $1.7 trillion spending plan on higher education

Pell Grant money for students, billions for HBCUs are tied to the key vote from House representatives.

The 4 key ways colleges can offer mental health help to students

Providing wraparound services, resources and support is essential to maintaining a healthy and happier campus.

Can colleges extend deadlines to get contract employees COVID-19 vaccines?

One Southern university already has granted leeway to some workers until early next year.

Beating the odds, these 150 community colleges are now eligible for $1 million

The Aspen Prize honors institutions aiming to ensure better outcomes for all students.

Christian college fires president over sexual misconduct allegations; 7 key takeaways

Board of Trustees says it was 'deeply disappointed and surprised' by William Jones' reported behavior toward employees.

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