Responding to Roe v. Wade: 1 in 5 college students plans to transfer

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June, states across the U.S. have been making decisions to either enforce abortion bans or give women the right to obtain one.

Cancer diagnosis forces Blank to step down before taking Northwestern presidency

The former University of Wisconsin chancellor, who is planning to start treatments soon, expresses disappointment and sadness in letter to NU community.

Woke-up call: UF president sends video to faculty to deal with DeSantis-backed bill

Union vows to fight new legislation on free speech but warns that morale among professors is sinking across the state, with some reconsidering their positions.

Columbia, NYU and Howard presidents all announce retirements

The three leaders all plan to remain on through the 2022-23 academic years, and two say they will return to teaching.

The one major with the least hope for first-gen students seeking a Ph.D.

Researchers from MIT and Michigan say the lack of opportunities and diversity in this field is impacting the nation.

Howard University goes online amid spike in COVID-19 cases, low quarantine space

With commencement ceremonies a month away and the city seeing a 140% increase, the university isn't taking chances.

Why this flagship university is eager to lure remote workers to its campus

"Work From Purdue" is being touted by the Indiana university as a first-of-its-kind program that incentivizes remote workers from outside the state to relocate to a campus live/work community.

President news: 3-star military leader ‘returning to serve’ at HBCU

Hampton University replaces esteemed president William Harvey with alumnus and retired U.S. Army lieutenant general.

Teacher shortage: How higher education is working to solve the K-12 crisis

University leaders trying to build back the pipeline of educators say changes to systems and support are needed.

Can cutting wi-fi get more students to comply with COVID-19 mandates?

Emory University had some success with it, but it came with a price: heavy backlash from social media.

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