Campus Digital Transformation: Digital Payments and Commerce for Virtual Learning Environments and Beyond

Date of broadcast: Wed, 02/17/21

A University Business Web Seminar

With an increasing number of schools adopting online learning and hybrid teaching models, many are still searching for ways to improve virtual learning logistics. Flexible payment experiences help institutions retain learners and support their growth. Modern, innovative payment and commerce technologies are becoming equally important to help support students, families, and institutions.

In this webinar, we will learn how the leadership team at Southeast Missouri State University pivoted to provide a mixture of in-person and virtual classes, diverse payment solutions, and enhanced business practices to support their students’ needs. We’ll also review steps they took pre-pandemic that positioned them to successfully serve various campus departments’ needs and discuss how these steps can be modeled by schools today.

We hope you will gain valuable insights from this discussion and learn how these experiences will help position your school for success in 2021.


Egbar Ozenkoski
Manager, Systems & Compliance, Student Financial Services
Southeast Missouri State University

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