Why multiple universities are pursuing culinary management solutions

Industry partnerships with Aladdin, Trilogy Education, Oracle, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals and MTS Systems Corporation

Here are five partnerships where colleges and universities are pursuing healthy college meals, mechanical testing, 3DP technology, a coding book camp and cloud computing in higher education.

Higher ed institutions are following some emerging trends in college and university food service by providing cashless markets and healthy college meals. Fairmont State University (W.Va.) and Kentucky Wesleyan College recently opened 24-hour cashless markets on their campuses from Aladdin, a culinary management solutions provider.

Meanwhile, Wheeling University (W.Va) awarded a beverage and food service contract to Aladdin that began in January.

All three institutions use Aladdin’s plant-based menu and digital signage that posts real-time information to assist people with food allergies and preferences.

Other higher ed partnerships:

Michigan State University will launch its first coding boot camp for adult learners in June with Trilogy Education. In the 24-week, part-time program, students will spend 20 hours per week on projects, homework and experiential learning activities. In addition, they will receive a range of career-planning services, portfolio reviews, recruiting assistance and staff support.

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Cloud computing in higher education continues to expand with Harper College (Ill.) recently selecting three Oracle cloud-based applications to help break down silos, embrace new innovations, and improve user engagement, collaboration and performance. Oracle’s ERP and EPM systems will allow the community college to accurately and efficiently process financial information, track project statuses and identify patterns in operational and financial data. The HCM system will help improve the workplace experience for employees, candidates and HR professionals.

Purdue University (Ind.) and Aprecia Pharmaceuticals are advancing the science and technology of three-dimensionally printed (3DP) pharmaceutical equipment and medications. Faculty and students will work with Aprecia researchers and have access to 3DP technology through research projects, internships and joint collaborations.

Auburn University (Ala.) will receive supply test equipment and expertise from MTS Systems Corporation to advance mechanical testing methods for additively manufactured materials and components. These components are often used to improve operational efficiencies and create optimized components in the aerospace, defense, automotive and biomedical industries.

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