Los Angeles Colleges Resume $6-Billion Campus Building Projects

The L.A. Community College District had imposed a moratorium to examine whether campuses had sufficient funding to support a planned 60% increase in new facilities, particularly in light of severe state cuts.

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College Building Destroyed On Sept. 11 Reopening

Hours after the twin towers vanished from New York City's skyline on Sept. 11, 2001, nearby Fiterman Hall at Borough of Manhattan Community College remained standing.

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UW Building Plans Luring Big Donors From Dairy, Meat Industries

In these tight budgetary times, paying for a new academic building on a public university campus requires creative financing, and in some cases, ambitious fundraising among special interest groups that could benefit from research produced there.

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Calhoun Community College Gets State Board Approval For Expanding Huntsville Campus

The state board of education unanimously voted today to approve plans by Calhoun Community College to expand and refurbish its Huntsville campus on Wynn Drive.

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Universities in Miss. Seek Predictable Funds For Buildings

Mississippi's public universities say they need $684 million in building renovations and new construction. Officials know lawmakers won't provide that much money next year. So instead, they'd like predictability when it comes to state bond funding.

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Calhoun Community College Offers Peek Into Renovated Huntsville Campus

The drawings are only conceptual and the reality may be "dramatically different," school officials said, but the plan for a proposed Huntsville campus overhaul of Calhoun Community College is dramatic.

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End of Va. Tech trees leaves splintered feelings

About 15 people gathered on the edge of Virginia Tech's controversial Stadium Woods to commemorate the cutting of one of the forest fragment's several dozen large oaks, some of which are estimated to be more than 300 years old.

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The Connected Campus: Learning Spaces Beyond the Classroom

AMX technology drives improvements in training tomorrow’s vets at the University of Florida
The uses for AV technologies in higher ed aren’t limited to traditional classrooms. At the University of Florida’s new three-story, 100,000 square-foot veterinary teaching hospital, an integrated AV network is woven into the fabric of the building. In this University Business web seminar, originally presented on May 22, 2012, David John, safety and security supervisor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, discussed how the hospital is using its AV network to improve patient care as well as the learning experience for students.

Video: Trustees Tour UCA

The cubicles are made of cheap chipboard. Students wear goloshes at their desks when it rains because sometimes the floor is covered in about three inches of water. A ceiling tile is missing.

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More Students To Jam Kearney Campus Dorms

Building renovations at a residence hall will force some University of Nebraska at Kearney students to share their dorm spaces with extra roommates.

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