The divestment problem: Colleges now face a financial bind

Calls for divestment in Israel are fueling protests nationwide, but institutions' commitment to financial security is creating an uncomfortable ethical quandary.

Lawmakers grill 3 elite university presidents for handling of antisemitism on campus

"There is no diversity and inclusion of intellectual thought, and the result of that is antisemitism," said Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.). "College campuses have descended from coveted centers of intellectual freedom to illiberal sewers of tolerance and bigotry."

These 6 schools are under investigation for hate on campus

The Department of Education has opened investigations at six colleges and universities for alleged Title VI shared ancestry violations since the outbreak of the war in Palestine and Israel.

How policymakers are confronting antisemitism amid growing verbal and physical attacks on campuses

Antisemitic incidents in the U.S. have increased 388% since Oct. 7, compared to the same time last year, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Much of this activity has occurred at some of the nation's most well-regarded institutions.

Week roundup: How the Israel-Hamas war is affecting colleges, universities

College leaders are increasingly stepping away from maintaining neutrality and instead opting to denounce Hamas' Oct. 7 attack as an act of terrorism. However, pro-Palestine protests continue to reign across campus, thanks to this student group.

Florida seeks to silence speech on social activism across state schools, per regulation

The regulation's added ordinance barring public or social activism comes weeks after the Hamas-Israel conflict sparked incendiary student protests and backlash to university presidents' official statements.

Middle East conflict continues to stir backlash, compromise safety across college campuses

From students all the way up to leadership, college and university community members who've spoken out on the Hamas-Israel conflict have faced intense backlash, further embroiling college campuses in an incendiary humanitarian crisis overseas.

How the Israel-Hamas conflict may increase higher ed’s need to supply cybersecurity professionals

The web of cybersecurity programs partnered with the government may reach new heights thanks to this federal agency's public support of Israel.

How universities have entered the dialogue on the Hamas-Israel conflict

Whether of their own accord or sparked by community members, some colleges have taken it upon themselves to enter the dialogue, drawing mixed reactions from the community and posing the question of when—if ever—institutions should take a political stance during times of heated world events.

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