Amid FAFSA debacle, these higher ed leaders strive to ensure no student is left behind

College Possible, a nonprofit dedicated to servicing low-income and minority students through their higher education journey, has so far ensured that 56% of their students have filed for FAFSA, says CEO Siva Kumari.

Less hope schools will process FAFSA forms in time as blunders continue

Of 358 college and university leaders surveyed by ACE, 67% said they had little to no confidence they'd successfully process forms in the coming weeks.

How colleges can encourage higher FAFSA form submissions

Not only could the headaches affect the number of students applying to one's institution, but they can also hurt the retention of one's first-generation students.

A frustrating year results in drastic declines in FAFSA submissions

Nearly 57% fewer high school seniors have submitted a new FAFSA form compared to last year's numbers. Could delays and technological errors be to blame?

Fuel to the fire: FAFSA complications cause further delays

Another series of hiccups this financial aid cycle has deferred institutions from assisting needy families four to five months than in years past.

Soft launch troubles turn the FAFSA Simplification into a headache

The Education Department implemented a "soft launch" of the form on its website last week, but glitches, crashes, and extremely limited available windows have bled past its official launch date and into the new year, and it's yet unclear how long they will last.

One university’s answer to the FAFSA fuss: Making their own forms

Assumption University, a Massachusetts private university, plans to dodge the headache of the new FAFSA implementation with its own form that promises to provide applicants as early as next week.

Watch the fine print: Colleges should take steps now to prepare for federal regulation changes

"FAFSA Simplification is going to make this the most complicated year we have seen perhaps ever," says Maureen Anderson, a former director of financial aid at Santa Fe College (Fla.). In addition, there are Title IX changes coming in October.

These states have the highest rates of first-generation students

NASPA reports that half of today's college students come from parents who have not earned a bachelor's degree. Do you know where they are and what they look like?

Welcome sign: FAFSA filings likely to rise in 2022-23, according to new survey

The window for parents to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid began on Oct. 1, and at least one financial services...

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