Key criteria for choosing a mobile donation vendor

It’s extremely challenging and costly to build an in-house mobile donation platform, not only because of the technology, but also because of privacy and compliance issues.

That’s why most universities choose to work with providers that have it all figured out, says Caryn Stein, vice president of  marketing at higher ed consulting firm Ruffalo Noel Levitz.

When vetting a vendor, keep these questions in mind:

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  • Does the provider have experience with higher education clients? It’s always a good idea to work with a partner that understands the unique needs of your industry.
  • What data analytics and reporting is available? Providers that can give actionable insights should be attractive. This is an opportunity to learn more about your donors, says Stein.
  • Will the technology play well with your current setup? You could find a vendor with a great solution, but you need it to integrate with the systems you are using. Along those lines, get ample tech support to help with troubleshooting any issues.

Dawn Papandrea, a Staten Island, New York-based writer, is a frequent contributor to UB.

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