Identity management moves forward

Keeping students on the straight and narrow during the entirety of the online learning experience is one of the challenges faced by colleges focused on academic integrity, says Gilles Florey, CEO and co-founder of KeyLemon.

The Switzerland-based company creates biometric authentication solutions based on facial and speech recognition. Recently KeyLemon announced a partnership that allows users of Blackboard Learn a rapid method of identity verification for online test takers. Future iterations of KeyLemon’s solutions will be able to assess head and eye position and monitor emotional responses, the announcement said.

This spring, ProctorU launched Ucard, designed to provide colleges and universities with identity verification throughout a course’s duration. At registration, students have their pictures taken by webcam while holding up an ID card. A series of questions further validates identity. Then keystroke analysis software creates a profile for the user, based on a 160-character statement that’s typed in every time the student logs in.

Students are “a tricky lot,” but this drives innovation, says Florey. “Each time a new solution comes out, students will find a way to bypass it.”


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